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Traveling in Poland by Car

My husband and I prefer to travel by car and be free to come and go on our own timetable. Is there any reason we wouldn't want to rent a car in Poland? Are the roads good?

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No, there's no reason not to do it if you prefer it. It's flat and not particularly difficult terrain at all. Although the petrol and parking costs won't be cheap (as compared with other options which are really inexpensive). The roads may be slow(er) in rural areas but that's about it. I'm sure some major roads (like the ones linking Poland with Germany) have only gotten better since I last visited. Lots of EU money has been infused into infrastructure, including trains and roads.

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Roads in Poland are good, getting better each year. Some highways are even free of charge. Roads in rural areas aren't perfect but still much better than roads in Eastern Europe or the Balkans.
The traffic on Friday evenings and Sunday evenings is heavy in tourist areas and there might be some traffic jams (especially Krakow-Zakopane route).

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Thank you Agnes and Joanna88 for your responses. I'm happy to know that driving is a doable option.