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Fun activities in Warsaw

My family is finishing up vacation in Warsaw after going to Amstrdam, Prague, and Krakow. We visited Anne Frank house and concentration camp. My teenagers are ready for something fun. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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There are two science and technology museums in Warsaw. The new one is the Copernicus Science Center; I didn't get to it, but it looks very high tech and fun. The old one is the the Museum of Technology, inside the Palace of Science and Culture (huge Stalinist skyscraper - you can't miss it). This one is from 1955, and has exhibits I found fun but may not be for all tastes. However, if your kids like seeing vintage radios with fancy cabinets, old washing machines, primitive typewriters, old computers (including a Commodore 64 and an Apple IIC), old vehicles (including motorcycles with sidecars), and the like, they'll enjoy it. I was fascinated to find out from an exhibit there that the original Model T car was offered in a variety of colors, and they switched to only offering black because black paint dried fastest. On the other hand, it's an old fashioned museum - there's no interactivity, and only about 2/3 of the exhibits are labeled in English.

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Warsaw is a great place for vacation! I took my family there last summer and we all loved it:) We also went to Warsaw few weeks ago and this time we looked for some recommendations, to plan our trip beforehand. I've found a really nice website, that lists some of the best places worth visiting in Warsaw - It made our trip so much easier and more enjoyable. I hope to go there again soon, as it is one of my favourite cities in Europe:)

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My family (two young children) all enjoyed the Copernicus Museum, lots of interactive exhibits to play around with.