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Norway itinerary suggestions; best Geiranger to Bergen non-car route
rcam88 5
Scandinavian Intinerary (4 weeks) - Revised; requested feedback
rcam88 4
Hurtigruten boat - Alesund to Bergen
rcam88 16
Norway Nutshell and Scandinavia Rail Pass
rcam88 2
Nutshell: which side of the train is better? 4
Scenery from Bergen
Ray 3
One Day Cruise from Bergen: choices?
Ray 0
Balestrand with kids in August?
rashley2000 34
Norway in a Nutshell - stop at Borgund Stave Church?
randiwhitcomb 4
Itinerary in Lofoten Islands, Norway
randerson 1
What and Where near Trondheim
randalltremain 5
When does it get dark in Myrdal/Flam in early August ? Planning to take 7:20 pm Flamsbana
ramanambimadom 7
Is this plan feasible? Hiking Trolltunga and Pulpit rock back to back
raghutheraghu 1
Renting an electric car in Norway
rach 6
One Hour Glacier Walk
rab0ca 1
Extra days Bergen after RS Tour
quail4 2
Ireland/ Norway combined vacation
pries916 9
Norway or Denmark
prendari 7
NiN - Return to Oslo or to Bergen
praveenroam 3
Lofoten islands where to stay
praveenroam 1
ppoirierjr 3
Oslo - short layover - worth it?
Porcupyn 4
How much time in Lofoten? And a few other qs
Polishnotatio... 5
Which Fjord area to visit?
polarpilot 8
Train Stockholm to Lofoten?
polarpilot 3
Lofoten rent car?
polarpilot 2
Please check my fjord itinerary
polarpilot 1
How to get from Voss to Odda?
polarpilot 2
How to get from Narvik train station to Evenes airport?
polarpilot 2
Help! Fjord Line Cancelled April 9 Ferry Bergen to Hirtshals
pmytkowi 1
Copenhagen or Stockholm
pmelleby 9
Places to stay near Myrdal because the train arrives after the last train to Flam.
pmehmel 1
Accommodation in general
picidaesa 8
Route Laerdahlsoyri to Sogndal
picidaesa 3
Best road map?
picidaesa 3
Glacier access
picidaesa 0
Tolls and rental cars
picidaesa 3
Stops between Voss and Solvorn
phyllise3 9
Itinerary review
phyllise3 4
Lyngenfjord area and Tromso
phyllise3 5
Bergen to Flam by boat or Bergen to Flam via train/bus (traditional NIN)?
Photog4fun 4
Best Time to Cruise in Norway
Phil 1
Norway train
petunia29 32
Other Norway Travel Book Recommendations
Petrukas 8
Transfer flight from Oslo
petit19.ange 6
NIN vs SIN fjord trip?
petermichael1 2
parking for Trolltunga Hike
Peter 0
Norway Trip
peridot870 4
Flam railroad
pepowlesland 4
Mid June Norway Itinerary
Peggy 2