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Uber in Norway?

Is Uber popular in Norway?

How much (approximately) does an Uber ride cost from Oslo airport to downtown Oslo?

How much for an Uber ride from Bergen airport to downtown Bergen?

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Uber's website had an 'estimator' function that will give you those prices.

I'm sure there are travel blogs that would cover all the transportation options and their costs between each city's airport and the center.

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Don't count on Uber in Norway. I think they have made a new attempt to enter the market after the last one failed though.

Anyway, the train or tram will be a much cheaper and faster option.

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The regular train works really well from the airport into Oslo, and it's good on city transit (if you need it to get you close to your hotel) for some time after you purchase the ticket. I think the validity period is either 2 or 2-1/2 hours.

In Bergen the light rail seems a good deal. I believe it's less expensive than the alternatives.

Taxis seem to be extraordinarily expensive throughout Norway.

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If you need rideshare, look at Bolt and download their app. I've used them in Lithuania, and Poland last year and they were more numerous than Uber. In Vilnius, I waited for an Uber for over 20 mins and then gave up - and got a Bold in about 1-2 mins.

I see that Bolt is operating in Oslo - not sure about Bergen.

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Oslo trains, trams, buses are well-organized and on schedule. At the airport you'll have 2 train options (express and standard) and a bus. the oslo train station is in downtown and will put you close to hotels etc. Using Uber would be my last choice.

and if you go to Bygdoy (sp?), the island with fabulous museums (Viking Ship etc), take the 20 minute ferry ride or bus. Oslo is a very walkable city and the waterfront area is within a 10 minute walk of the rail station. Envy you going there.

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The Viking Ship Museum is closed. The website says a new museum will open in 2026.

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Thanks for the info, everyone- we just got back from 2 weeks in Norway. We considered taking trains to/from the airport, but since there were 4 of us, it was most efficient to take a taxi. In Oslo, we took the little ferry to Bygdoy to visit the Fram and Kon-Tiki museums, and they were fabulous.