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Bus from Voss to Gudvangen

We are looking at doing the Norway in a Nutshell from Bergen. We want to spend the afternoon in Bergen and take a later train to Voss. I can’t find a bus timetable from Voss to Gudvangen. Does anyone know if there are evening buses?

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What time of year are you planning this trip? One of the reasons to do the NIN is to enjoy the scenery, so if you leave too late from Bergen, you may be literally in the dark for the bus and ferry rides. That is why the NIN itinerary has you leave Bergen on a morning train. This page has links to the train, bus, and ferry schedules.

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We were going to do it over 2-3 days. Spend the day in Bergen, go to Gudvangen in the evening and spend the night there. Spend the day doing some tours from Flam. Spend the night in Flam and then go on to Oslo the next morning. We are going next June. It is just strange that the bus schedule from Voss to Gudvangen doesn’t seem to run more than a a few times a day

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You want the NX450 is also known as the Sognebus:

Current Voss – Flåm – Sogndal route table (PDF from above) shows the last weekday and Sunday bus from Voss leaving at 19:00, last Saturday bus leaving at 17:20. The weekday 19:00 reaches Gudvangen E16 at 20:00. (Rutetabell gjeld frå 19.06.2017)

Route table is:

If this link expires, use the website for the NX450 bus.

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What about the bus to the Hotel Stalheim from Voss and then on to Gudvangen?

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...bus to the Hotel Stalheim from Voss....

NX450 bus from Voss stops at Stalheim kryss on E16. It would be more than a km but less than a mile walk to Hotel Stalheim. If you stay on the NX450 it continues to Gudvangen. NX450 stops:

If you need an overnight hotel the Fleischers Hotel in Voss is next to the train station and about 100 meters to the NX450 Voss Stasjon stop. Fleischers Hotel Voss is not cheap (you are in Norway) but nice. Great breakfast buffet. Then take the first NX450 morning bus onward.