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Itinerary Help, please

Here is our itinerary so far:
Aug. 13th - Arrive Copenhagen stay 3 nights
Aug. 16th Take a train to Stockholm stay 3 nights
Aug. 19th Take a train to Gothenburg stay 2 nights
Aug. 21st Take a train to Oslo stay 3 nights
Aug. 24th Fly to Narvik Airport pick up car to go to Lofoten Islands stay 3 nights

This is where I'm having issues - does this part sound reasonable?

Aug. 27th Leave Lofoten - return car and fly to Trondheim ? stay 2 nights pick up new car in Trondheim
Aug. 29th drive to Alesund driving - stay 2 nights
Aug. 31st drive to Bergen for 2 nights
Sept. 2 drive to Stavanger 1 or 2 nights return car and fly back to Copenhagen - Would like to try and get to Aarhus or Aalborg on the train from Copenhagen.
Fly home Sept. 5th from Copenhagen.

Any input would be great....Thanks

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That is certainly possible, but it would be easier to give you advice if you told us a bit about what you're looking for.

However, I think there are some possible improvements to your plan.

My suggestion:

Arrive Copenhagen
Take the train to Stockholm
Take the overnight train to Narvik and see Lofotoen.
Return the rental car and take the ferry from Svolvær to Bodø.
Take the train from Bodø to Trondheim. Either the overnight train (saves time and money) or the day train (takes time but is very scenic).
Drive to Ålesund OR take Hurtigruten to Ålesund (very scenic trip along the coast, but takes a full day and arrives in Ålesund very late).
Drive to Stavanger via Bergen, return car and take the overnight train to Oslo.
Take the train to Gothenburg.
Take the ferry to Fredrikshamn, just north of Ålborg.
Take the train to Copenhagen.

Another option is to stop in the Gothenburg early. Take the train from Copenhagen to Gothenburg and then from Gothenburg to Stockholm. And from Oslo you can then fly to Århus or Ålborg (one daily direct flight available, 6 days per week) and after that continue by train to Copenhagen.

A third option is to start the trip by taking the train Copenhagen-Gotheburg-Oslo-Stockholm and in the end the overnight ferry from Stavanger to Hirtshals, also just north of Ålborg.

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Thanks for your suggestions, Badger. We are considering your 1st option.