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What to do with an 8 hour layover in Oslo airport
bobm185 6
Things to do in the Alesund area
bobm185 33
have any actual DNT tour experience?
bobbing 1
questions Trollstigen-Geiranger area
bobbing 5
Norway in a Nustshell and Zodiac tour
bobbieorchard 1
Bergen to Copenhagen by Boat (with fijords)?
Bob 3
NiN-What side of train/bus has best view of scenery?
Bob 9
Oslo, Oct 20-26 suggestions please
bmahbai 9
Norway closed at present
bluenorway 3
Bergen to Haugesund
BlueCardinal 2
Driving From Oslo to Bergen
blue439 2
What do you recommend to do in Bergen and the vicinity for 8 days????
blewis341 3
Sim card Norway, purchase in Gardermoen?
blakesleecindy 4
Fjord tour Bergen to Oslo, One way
bjaskis 1
End of summer trip to Scandinavia
bizdig 2
Cruising the fjords in October 2014
binadav77 7
two weeks in norway - is it possible to see Bergen, fjords and Lotofen in that time?
billb 7
Itinerary help
billb 2
Bergen to Lofoten and back - intinerary help
billb 4
Bergen to alesund by car - itinerary help
billb 1
Free walking tours: Bergen, Oslo, Norway; Gothenburg, Sweden; Copenhagen, Den,,,?
billandsuz1 1
Trompsø - best bets?
billandsuz1 3
Bill 4
June tour of western fjords
Bill 4
Sogndal car rental
Bill 0
Sogndal rental car
Bill 4
Rental car?
Bill 3
June 7th booking at Hotel Kviknes
Bill 3
Oslo, Norway in September
Bill 3
Oslo for 5 days early September
Bill 3
Norway in October
bill 11
Northern Lights and scenic experience
bill 6
Norway in a week
bill 4
Norway in the Spring 2023
bill 8
Norway in April 2023
bill 14
Norway 2023
bill 13
E16 Bergen to Flam
bill 1
Currency exchange
bill 4
Norway - Day Hiking Vacation
bhennessey60 8
Western Coastal Cruise
Bev 3
Kirkenes Norway - after the ferry cruise
betsyjaney 4
Norway in Nutshell - Arrive in Bergen after dark
betsyjaney 6
Train pass for Sweden and Norway.
betsyjaney 9
Oslo to Bergen Train - Is Voss a good stopover for a night before Bergen?
betsyjaney 6
Scandinavia Itinerary - Feedback welcome
betsyjaney 2
Overnight on Norway in a Nutshell
betsy.beaugard 5
Day Hikes in Jotunheim Mountains (Near Roisheim / Lom)
bergsbakend 3
Day Hikes in Jotunheim Mountains (Near Roisheim / Lom)
bergsbakend 0
Sightseeing in Norway
Ben 3
Jan 2023 trip for 6 days in Norway
bellfish 2