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Alesund to Geiranger to Adalsnes

Hi. We are flying into Alesund on May 29th and renting a car to drive to Geiranger. We get in to Alesund around 230pm and have a hotel booked in Geiranger for the night. The next night we are staying in Adalsnes.

  1. Is there anything on the way to Geiranger from Alesund that is a must stop?
  2. since we probably won't get to Geiranger til about 6pm or so...what else can we do in Geiranger area for that day?
  3. Can we squeeze in a Geiranger Fjord cruise and drive up through the Trollistigen road up to Andalsnes? We don't want to back track through Alesund to get to Andalsnes.
  4. Do we have enough time to do all of this?
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You can do this as a circle route! No backtracking at all.
I would suggest driving from Alesund, taking the car ferry from Magerholm over to Sykkylven, and then driving the 60 road through the Sunmore Alps to Stranda. Beautiful ferry ride and drive! From there head south along the 60 to Hellesylt (be sure to stop at the Geirangerfjord overlook - stunning view!!) and catch the car ferry through the Geirangerfjord to the town of Geiranger. You should have just the right amount of time to do this! It's about 1:45 - 2 hours to Hellesylt, depending on how you hit the Magerholm ferry - it runs every 20 minutes. Then you have to wait for the Geirangerfjord ferry. In May there shouldn't be much of a line compared to summer! Here's the link to the ferry schedule for this year.
The next day you can drive north along road 63, up and over the Trollstigen Road / Pass to Andalsnes.
Be sure to stop at the Gudbrandsjuvet and the overlook at the Pass. This drive is one of my favorites anywhere in the world and it won't disappoint!

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Thanks Anita. That was very helpful.

When i plug my route into Google maps route 63 is never highlighted. I've read that this road might be closed. Hopefully it won't be closed when we are there.

When we do the drive from Alesund we are staying in Geiranger for the night and want to do a Fjord Cruise or Safari at Geiranger. I assume when we do the drive from Alesund to Geiranger we won't have enough time to do a Fjord Cruise that same day? We are hoping to get on the first cruise out in the morning and then do the drive up to Andalsnes with stops at Gudbrandsjuvet , Trollstigen, the Troll Wall. Is that too much to do in one day?

We can drive up the Trollstigen road right? All that I've read most people go down and not up?

Also anything to do in Andalsnes? I think it may just be our resting place for the night.

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So I'll answer with what I personally know...
You can drive either way up the hairpin road that goes up to the pass - we went down but passed plenty of cars and buses (!) were going up.
63 could still be closed by snow but you never know! When we were there during June / July three years ago they had had a lot of snow the previous winter and the higher altitude roads hadn't opened until the first week or so of June. The next year they hardly had any and everything was open at the end of April. It's a bit of a crapshoot really! To get to Geiranger I believe you HAVE to drive the route I suggested OR route 63. Unless you want to drive way out of your way.
The reason I suggest going through Hellesylt on the way to Geiranger is because the car ferry from Hellesylt goes through the Geirangerfjord, the same route you would take on any day cruise. You park the car in the lower deck of the ferry and then go up to the roof of the ferry for the amazing view through the fjord! It is narrated just like any other cruise. At the end you'll be at your destination for your stay in the town of Geiranger.
What route were you planning to drive to Geiranger? Through Valldal and then down route 63 to Geiranger? You'll be doing a lot of backtracking the next day when you head back up to Trollstigen.

If you go to and type in the following beginning and ending points you'll see the route I'm backtracking.
Alesund to Magerholm (take the ferry across to Sykkylven)
Sykkylven to Hellesylt
At Hellesylt you catch the ferry to Geiranger.
The next day you just drive straight north on 63 all the way to'll be able to take your time, see everything, and enjoy the spectacular views on the way!