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Days in Flam

We have a three-generational family with grandchildren ages 5, 7, and 9 on a two-week trip to Norway. We don't want to rush the trip, but not stay too long in a place that does not interest the children. Does it make sense for us to stay two nights and parts of three days in Flam? We will definitely do the Gudvangen to Flam ferry. Are other ferry rides recommended? Is there good hiking in the area. We do not have a car.

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It would help to know what else you have planned for your two weeks in Norway, and when you will be there.

There are some hiking trails around Flam. You can pick up a map in the office at the train station (where the train and ferries all meet).

Besides hiking, what activities are you looking for? If you are planning some boat cruises on the fjords, you might enjoy staying there.

But Flam, in spite of having a gorgeous setting, really serves primarily as a transportation hub. There's a lot of people arriving and departing, a lot of hustle and bustle. I arrived on the Flamsbana and departed a few hours later on a ferry, so this gave me time for a short hike, and once I got away from the center of activity, it was quite lovely.

As I said, much depends on what else you have planned. There may be other places that are more appealing. I spent two nights in Balestrand, and I really loved it, but I spent an entire day on a car trip exploring the area on the north side of the Sognefjorden.

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We really enjoyed the fjord safari in Flam. Done with a fast boat and then we were dropped off and did a hike (strenuous) to a remote goat cheese farm where they still made brown cheese the old fashioned way, by hand. This was an amazing day for us!

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Thanks for those thoughts and further questions. We start our trip with four days in Bergen beginning July 29. We might spend a couple days in Geilo before going on to Oslo. We have friends in Oslo to stay with. Our thought is to use Oslo as a hub to do day trips to places like Fredrikstad and Lillehammer, as well as simply enjoy the sights in the larger Oslo area. We plan to be in Oslo 6-8 days. Our family would love to experience the mountains (therefore, Flam and Geilo), something we flat-landers don't experience in MN.

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Flam has real good Ægir Brewery - and even if the kids do not drink it may interest them how beer is brewed. And / or you visit Rallarrosa Cheese Farm.

Little bit breathtaking is Flam Zipline. Do not know whether it is offered and allowed for kids.

Stegastein viewpoint is really stunning an achievable by bus.

Some intense hikes are around Naeryofjord. One is close to Tuftefossen. Likely listed on

If a cruise ship gets into the harbor you could also ask them for a tour behind the scenes.