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Lendesnes lighthouse

God morgan:
My son and I are booked for Norway in July 2016. My grandfather was born in the Lendesnes lighthouse along with 9 other siblings in the late 1800's. My great-grand father was the light keeper there and several other lighthouses.
My grandfather migrated to America through Ellis island around 1910. He met my grandmother, married and settled down in New York. I was his first and only grandchild to actually meet him. I do remember him. He sang to me in Norwegian and played with me and told me stories of Norway. He had cancer and I remember him being sick then one day he was gone.
I was only 4 when he died but I loved him and remember his love and kindness to this day.

Visiting the lighthouse and actually touching where he was born is number 1 on my bucket list.
Now its actually happening.
What I need is information on traveling to Lendesnes from Oslo, driving, train, or bus?
I'm 71 but in good health and physically able to walk and climb. Any suggestion or insight would be greatly appreciated.
I've booked a hotel in Oslo for our entire trip (10 days) but plan on staying at B&B's along the way if that opportunity arises and is necessary.
We want to walk on a Glacier, see the Fjords and do everything possible in our time there. Most important is to see and touch the lighthouse with my son. I know it will be emotional for us.

Thank in advance.
Diane Stevens

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I don't have any direct experience, but as best I can tell, Lindesnes is 400 km from Oslo, over 5 hours by car and 7+ hours by some combination of train and bus and taxi. I think you'd want to rent a car to do that.

Such an inspiring story. I wish I could go back to where my grandparents were born, but I don't even know where to go, other than somewhere in Ukraine.

Have a wonderful trip.

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Lindesnes is not terribly far from Kristiansand. You can either fly or take a train to Kristiansand and then rent a car for the rest of the way. It's only about a 90 minute drive.
What a lovely trip. I hope you build wonderful memories as a family!