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Planning to visit tromso and Lofoten island during x-mas time

Hi Guys,
Need one urgent help. Planning to see northern lights in Norway. And will pack our bag and start for the destination from Copenhagen on 23rd of December. And in our priority list are :- 1.Lofoten Islands 2. Tromso.
Start date from Copenhagen is 23rd of December. We ( Me and my colleague) are planning to travel in night time. ( So a journey in train/Flight at night/ferrry will be ok for us). I need two help from your side. We want to back by 27th of December ( i know time is bit short, but don't have any other option).
1. Please tell me is it feasible to visit both the location ?? ( As we want to enjoy every possible crazy/special things there , not skiing)
2. Please let me know a proper itinerary for the whole trip.


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Hi Deb - I haven't been to Norway, and our plans to go there in April 2016 were abruptly interrupted yesterday, so we'll get there someday . . .

However, we did visit Iceland last April. You may be well aware of this, but seeing the Northern Lights is highly dependent on having clear, cloudless skies. There are additional factors involved, including favorable solar activity and getting away from city lights, but if the weather socks in the sky and it's overcast or dumping snow, even if the Northern Lights are active above the clouds, you might not see any from ground or sea level.

If you're not planning on skiing (not even Cross-country?), are you considering a dogsled ride or snowshoeing?

Have a Happy Christmas and a great trip, regardless!

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Bill Bryson in "Neither Here Nor There" writes of

The book starts out in Hammerfest, Norway where Bryson is determined
to have a good time despite the crushing darkness and bitter cold. He
goes on for paragraphs about the bleakness, but he’s there to see the
Northern Lights. And, as desperate as he is to leave, he knows that he
can’t get on the waiting bus until he sees those lights. Does he get
to see them? I’ll leave that as a cliffhanger and – hopefully – an
incentive to read the book.

Bring the Bryson book along in case you have time to kill waiting for a clear night.

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Yes Cyn you are right.dogsled ride and snowshoeing is surely on the card. Skiing is actually I am not much well equipped. But Can you please help us on he two questions I asked for