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Frivolous question

Can someone please tell me how to dress in central Norway in June? I’m mentally equating it with Colorado, USA at the same time, but want to be prepared. Layers? Jacket? Jeans and shorts? We are not doing extreme sports, and roughly staying at Oslo-Bergen latitude. Thank you for the indulgence of my lightweight topic.

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Layers? Jacket? Jeans and shorts?

All of the above :)

I’d bring layers. I’d bring jeans (some people will tell you not to bring jeans because they take too long to dry, but I find them practical). I’d also throw in either a pair of light-weight slacks or shorts in case you happen to experience some warmer days.

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We did Oslo-Bergen for a week in late June a few years ago. Definitely layers. In the mornings I started out with a t-shirt, jacket and light scarf. By lunchtime I could shed the jacket and scarf, and put them on again by early evening. We were lucky to have beautiful weather the whole time except for one day when we day tripped from Bergen to kayak at the Naeroyfjord. It was overcast, sometimes drizzly, and cold. It was the high point of our trip, despite kayaking in a wetsuit, sweatshirt, and rain jacket under my life jacket and still being cold.

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Layers is a good idea, temperatures can vary a lot during the day with warm wether in the day time and a bit chillier in the evening. It also varies with altitude. And a light waterproof jacket is a good idea, in the coastal areas rain is common.

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Badger, thank you. I definitely have a waterproof jacket—excellent advice!

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Yes to packing a waterproof jacket especially since you are going to Bergen.