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Money-Saving Strategies

Share your best budget tips

When traveling on a budget, there are many ways to make Europe affordable. From eating and sleeping cheap, to getting value from a great guidebook, to avoiding high-cost flights, share your best tips to save money.

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Cash or Debit Card
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Photo savings
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Albertson's data hacked -cards cloned
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Eurostar, small savings
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Airport ATM Update - Heathrow Travelex
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Oyster Card or Travel Card
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Marijauna Laws in England
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Travel insurance for older travelers
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Venice City Pass options
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Putting your cellphone on vacation hold
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Saving money by avoiding mistakes
Laura B 14
MobilePassport app to charge $
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Daily Budget
lauraiesue 9
Looking for connection + layover to have cheaper fare into Paris or Nice, France
lbmousseau 7
European trip - food costs
leah.gregory 19
Use cash, not a card!
Lee 52
Charles Schwab Debit card
Libby 27
Will they keep my passport? Europe overnight trains crossing borders.
lina 11
How do I get a good exchange rate for euros before I leave for my trip?
Linda 10
leftover Irish Pounds
Linda 9
Expenses estimate for Portugal and Spain trip
Travel cards: Best options for in-Paris museums and day trips?
lm_work 2
VAT refund for apartment rental in the UK?
Lo 5
Spending £1 coins at Heathrow
Lola 13
Questions about the Schwab accounts and debit card
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Updated list of "true" chip and PIN cards?
Lola 31
Credit card coverage for travel insurance?
Lola 9
Question on the Swiss Travel Pass for Museums
Lola 8
New credit card with credit freeze?
Lola 9
Passport renewal at the Post Office?
Lola 23
Question for home exchangers
Lola 4
Euro is $1.12! When did that happen?
Lola 48
A Treat for Bay Area Locals
Lola 10
Large hotel groups with reasonable coronavirus cancellation policies.
Lola 4
Mastercard and Visa vs American Express
lostnorweigan 17
Costco Visa now has no foreign transaction fee
Lynn 14
Credit Card Limits On Disputing Charges
Lynn 12
Tax refund for purchases?
MAB 12
Saving money is a short walk/ride away from.......
Marbleskies 14
TravelEx Prepaid MasterCard
marguerite.el... 10
Paying in Cash or CC for daily expenses
MariaF 46
marie 3
marie 5
Rental apartments & cooking
Marie 19
Travel insurance during pregnancy
Mariya 15
Why are you in Germany today?!?!?!
Mark 30
Travel Insurance
marticabellido 12
Canadian chase/amazon credit card
Martine 3
Use debite at Zurich airport
mary 7
Use debit card ATM at Zurich airport
mary 3