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Money-Saving Strategies

Share your best budget tips

When traveling on a budget, there are many ways to make Europe affordable. From eating and sleeping cheap, to getting value from a great guidebook, to avoiding high-cost flights, share your best tips to save money.

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Is 'Chip & Pin' Debit Card Necessary in Europe?
JuanM 9
I can't open a Schwab account because I live in Canada!
Judy 16
Chase Sapphire
jules m 33
Has anyone used for left luggage?
Julie 4
Capital One Debit Card
Karen 5
ATM more risk than Credit Card?
Karen 29
Purchasing business class advice
Karen 42
Tip for First Time Travelers: Advice on credit cards before you buy ANYTHING, including...
karina303 24
Missed the 14 day window for travel insurance - what does this mean?
kateydaley43 16
Wire transfers?
Kathi 8
Visa card
Kathi 17
Does AARP help?
kathleen 14
RS discounts at various shops in Europe
kathy 5
Time limit for buying cancel anytime insurance
KC 7
Heathrow to London for about £5.7/person
Kent 1
TransferWise app
keri 7
Contactless credit card vs. Chip-and-signature (with a PIN)
keri 16
Why don't more people try home exchange?
Kerry 21
Credit & Debit Card Scams - Have You Experienced These
Kerry 17
Flying out of Canada to Europe as US citizen?
kevin 11
Firenze Card and Children
kim_niedzwiecki 1
The GBP and Euro dropped; think this will work?
klo162 5
Debit Card block from your bank
kreckel1 68
Travel guides - Europe
kris.albright62 8
VAT Fees
kris.albright62 9
Just making sure- euro/pound
Kristin 8
Money ..... And how to take it!
kwarner 13
Travel Insurance
ladawn01 12
Cash or Debit Card
ladylanee111 25
obtaining euros on arrival in Italy
larihack86 14
Photo savings
Larry 5
Albertson's data hacked -cards cloned
Larry 1
Eurostar, small savings
Larry 1
Airport ATM Update - Heathrow Travelex
Larry 10
Oyster Card or Travel Card
Larry 13
Marijauna Laws in England
Larry 11
lars639 5
Travel insurance for older travelers
Laura 21
Venice City Pass options
Laura 2
Putting your cellphone on vacation hold
Laura B 10
Saving money by avoiding mistakes
Laura B 14
MobilePassport app to charge $
Laura B 13
Daily Budget
lauraiesue 9
Looking for connection + layover to have cheaper fare into Paris or Nice, France
lbmousseau 7
European trip - food costs
leah.gregory 19
Use cash, not a card!
Lee 52
Charles Schwab Debit card
Libby 27
Will they keep my passport? Europe overnight trains crossing borders.
lina 11
How do I get a good exchange rate for euros before I leave for my trip?
Linda 10
leftover Irish Pounds
Linda 9