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Advice needed regarding travel (medical) insurance when disqualified for pc waiver

My wife and I had rented an apartment in Venice for a trip in March 2000. We canceled; the apartment rental company held our payments toward a future stay. We have just purchased airfare for a March 2022 re-do and would like to purchase medical/evacuation insurance. We are not terribly concerned about trip interruption coverage, etc. because we are going on our own and not with a tour group. Also, we are willing to take a gamble on the airfare.

Here's the problem: We have spoken with a travel agent and then a travel insurance company rep. The company is one of the five RS mentions in his books. Because we made our first payments toward the apartment ages ago, there is no way for us to qualify for a Preexisting Conditions Waiver. Our medical insurance policies do not cover travel beyond US borders, and we are concerned about possible medical what-ifs.

We both have what will be considered preexisting conditions. We both take prescription medications routinely. Would medical and evacuation insurance still cover at least some medical emergencies? We don't want to take huge risks with potential medical bills, nor do we want to throw money away for poor or useless medical coverage/security.

Your thoughts and advice will be greatly appreciated! If you have suggestions for types of plans, suggestions for companies to look into would also be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to the forum jiminwny.
Take a look at GeoBlue which cover medical. I emailed them to verify that they cover pre-existing conditions and their response was they do. Their policy includes evacuation but to the nearest facility. Read all the fine print.
Medjet will cover evac to your home town hospital or wherever you want to go. Again, read all the fine print.
There are many travel insurance threads since June. Use the search function to find and read them.
Did you had travel insurance for your cancelled trip? If you didn’t file a claim, a long shot suggestion is to call the company to see if can be reactivated. If I remember right, some forum people had insurance company vouchers to use.

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Just declare in writing all your pre-existings and get a quote - there are 2 issues - whether they will cover you at all and how much extra you'll have to pay.