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Has anyone used Groupon for a vacation to Europe?

We have been watching for a few months and it seems like some of the deals are pretty awesome. Right now there is an 8-day to London, Paris, and Rome for $799 per person with flights, hotel, and breakfast included. I am a little nervous about the voucher system though, so was curious if anyone else has used Groupon and what your experience was? Thanks!

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Uh... no way. Sorry. That price is far too low to be credible. I also wouldn't try to cram three major cities into 8 days.

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I would not be so quick to dismiss the Groupon offer. Very reasonable if the departure is from New York or another east coast city. Also the time is critical. We have had similar deals from Travelzoo that were just as attractive. I would look into to it.

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My workmate used Groupon last year to go to Ireland. They got an amazing deal BUT you had to have 4 people to use the deal, which they did. Everything was exactly as stated, flights, car rental and accommodations were clearly spelled out. It was only 7 days but she felt it was a good value over booking everything herself. My other friend used TravelZoo to book their honeymoon deal (Hotel only, local drive) and I have purchased show tickets in Vegas through them and everything has been fine. Same friend will look through the TravelZoo deals to decide on where to go to next based on the bundles they offer. When we went to Dublin last year Travelzoo offered the Hotel we wanted cheaper than the official website, went off without a hitch.

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Unless it clearly spelled out the name of the included lodging I wouldn't touch it. There are some REAL dumps out there, and the first thing that's going to ruin your "European Vacation" is staying in a roach motel with the shared bathroom down the hall and located in the far outskirts of the city with no connection to public transport.

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My daughter did a Groupon trip to Europe. She was satisfied.

The flight was from NYC so getting there is an additional cost.

And as already noted, carefully real all the fine print

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Friends have used Groupon travel deals with great success. Understand the details well.

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Groupons are usually for a Gate 1 tour or a tour put on by another travel agency. There have been threads about this on the forum before. People have been satisfied. You will notice that the dates are limited for these offers.

What you really need to pay attention to is the "extras excursions" that are offered. Your Groupon won't usually include sightseeing. The excursions can easily double the cost of the tour if you sign up for them all.

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The names of the hotels are given and the one named in London certainly isn't a dump.
It's part of a well known chain and I would be very happy to stay there.
That said, it's not in a brilliant location being a little way from the main sites. Not a long way but enough to be a bit of a pain. More positively it is in an area known for its excellent restaurants and bars.