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Allianz travel insurance

In February I had purchased a policy from Allianz for our September RS trip to the Basque Country mostly for medical coverage as our health plans do not cover travel out of the country. Since we had not filed any claims against the policy and RS cancelled the tour, Allianz gave me a full refund that was credited to my credit card with in 48 hours. Excellent customer service and we will definitely recommend them.

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Sooooo nice to hear a positive report about an insurance company. That probably was their one good deed for the years --- No --- seriously, thanks for the report.

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I am happy to hear that someone received money back. I had planned to go to France in April and because RS and airlines cancelling the trip/tour, I asked for my refund and was told that because it was an epidemic I was not entitled to this.

The same goes for my other insurance I paid for through AIG. I doubt if I will ever use these companies again. MD

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Stories like this warm my heart and are the absolute best kind of advertisement! Thanks for sharing.

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Well, I guess Allianz performed at least two good deeds. I had award ticket for a flight to Portugal and purchased Allianz for coverage, and the flight was canceled. Since I plan on flying next year, I did not request a refund; I asked that my next flight be covered. Allianz sent me a voucher that is good for the next two years. Fine with me since I have a reservation for Zurich for next spring. Fingers crossed that I will be going.