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Recommended Books & Movies

What books and movies made your trip better?

Movies and recreational reading can make your sightseeing a lot more fun and meaningful. Which films and books carbonated your travel experience best?

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Rick Steves at Dallas Travel Show-You're the Bomb!
alohalover 4
Trip to Spain (Steve Coogan Rob Brydon)
Michael... 4
Tea with Mussolini
Jane 4
books on Fez Morocco
barbaragolder16 4
Which book on Sicily?
Lola 4
Current New Yorker "The Invisible City Beneath Paris"
Kent 4
Spanish Renaissance music
lnbsig 4
Author Jan Morris passes away
DebVT 4
Sophia Loren film on Netflix - The Life Ahead
Kathy H. 3
"LeaveOnly Footprints" - US National Parks
Jane 4
Servant of the People
David 4
Tucci on the Town
phred 4
David 4
A couple of Pre-Ireland Trip books
Joel 4
US vs. UK social etiquette on Lost In The Pond
avirosemail 4
NOT Recommended - Greater Than a Tourist
Estimated... 3
Tucci's back
phred 4
On the Hippie Trail from Istanbul to Kathmandu
Craig 4
Another Book about Bourdain
gregglamarsh 4
Travel writer after reading Rick and Cameron
Linnae 4
Can you access guidebooks online?
janmoore 4
27 countries 6 months
brussans 5
Rick Steves' Travel Guides for Luxembourg
gsiebenaller 5
Books for day hikes-Italy
lesliebennett 5
"If This Is A Woman" by Sarah Helm
Ms. Jo 5
The Only Street in Paris
Craig 5
The Cave Painters
FastEddie 5
"The Bonjour Effect" and "Sixty Million Frenchmen Can't Be Wrong"
Jane 5
Book about Tom Crean
lnbsig 5
Top 10 books about the Scottish Highlands and Islands
Alisonh 5
New video: 10 British Words That Confuse Americans
Aly 4
rick steve Europe 101 ?
bucephale 5
Movie rec: Labyrinth of Lies
David 5
Guidebooks of Italy
Moyra 5
reading World War II
monty 5
viva Espana
monty 5
RS' 2019 Italian Phrase Dictionary
Girasole 5
Book set in Tuscany: Women in Sunlight
pmalbritton 5
Not a book or movie, but relevant reading
Lola 5
Recommended Authors - novels set in Europe
Bob 5
Belle (2013 movie)
Evan 5
If you plan to visit Matera . . .
Rosalyn 4
A Berlin book: The House by the Lake
Dave 5
Fascinating article about the past and possible future of Milan
lnbsig 5
European tv show streaming service has a Memorial day sale
rob in cal 5
The Alice Network
KBK 😎 5
155th Anniversary of Mark Twain's steamship cruise to Europe and the Holy Land
avirosemail 5
"Tunnel: The Archaeology of Crossrail"
Rebecca 5
Tammy (aka... 5
Another Mudlarking the Thames River shore book gives a people's history of London
avirosemail 5