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Mission Paris and Mission London for kids

Couple Questions... Taking a 10, 11, and 12 year old girl to Paris and London. 1) Does each girl need her own book or can they all work together as a team with one book? 2) Since we will be spending time at the French Open, the girls may only have 1 full day to use the book in Paris.... is one VERY FULL day (and another evening) enough to feel like they enjoyed this book?? TIA

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We had our kids share the books. They were 12 and 9. One child was responsible for the Paris one and one for the London. Whether or not, they will enjoy them I think depends on what it is you are doing in each city. For example, in Paris, there was a big emphasis ( many pages) on the Louvres and Musee d"Orsay which we did not do. If you only have 1 day in Paris outside of the French open, I probably would not bother

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They could work as a team.

It depends where you go on that full day. But since you could just be buying 2 books (one for London, one for Paris), getting both wouldn't cost a lot if they didn't use it that one full day...

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This post is old, so it's likely too late but I'd say it depends on how competitive your kids are. These books are great - we've used them for London and Rome and they really keep our kids engaged and happy in some places where they'd otherwise lose interest quickly. We've shared but sometimes they get competitive with each other and I end up wishing they each had their own...