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Rick Steves' Maps Legend

Hi All,

I am sure I am missing it somewhere but in the Amterdam & the Netherlands book I cannot find a legend for the symbols on the maps. I am reading the kindle version. I simply wanted to know the difference between the T in a black box and the T in the white box. I figure that they are both tram stops but when I searched for a map legend I could not find it anywhere in the book.

Is it just missing or am I just not able to find it (I did use the search function for map symbols or map legend to no avail).

Thanks in advance.


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Well, the map legend is on the inside front cover of my Istanbul guidebook. The T in a white box is a taxi stand and the T in a black box is a tram line or tram stop. I assume they use the same symbols for all their books. FWIW, on my Kindle version of same guide book the key to maps is about 5 pages after the cover photo just before the table of contents, the page is titled "Key to Rick Steves Istanbul" and the page says "map legend" but you can't search for those words (it must be an image file and not text).

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I'm looking at the most current copy of the Amsterdam & the Netherlands book. We just got back from the RS Belgium and Holland Tour.
There's a black T in a circle with a white background...Taxi stand
There's a white T in a square with a blue (not black) background...Major Tram lines & stops

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Thank you both for your quick and informative replies. I looked again on the kindle version at the front of the book and still didn't see it. No worries though. I got it now.

Thanks again!