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Rick Steves Europe 101

I was trying to find a way to fill up my travel soul and thought I would reread this book. Well, I MUST have only looked at the pics because ,actually reading it , I realize how funny it is!!!!!!!! Yes, there are a lot of Rick Steves groaner puns and humor but it's so refreshing and gives lots of good information It's great!!

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I reread it regularly, and always find something I've missed.

"Europe Through the Back Door" is also worth perusing. And does he still offer "Postcards from Europe?" I reread that one every now and then, as well.

He and Gene Openshaw are entertaining and informative writers.

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I got my copy last week and am reading it now. Love the corny jokes

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In addition to the books mentioned up thread, I remember my first two books that inspired me to travel to Europe. They were Mona Winks and Europe Through the Back Door. A few years ago I came across Travel as a Political Act at my local bookstore. It was an autographed copy. Nice find. Also picked up a complimentary copy of Hidden Europe at one of the RS Reunions. Fun to reread the old books.