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Enjoying Turkish TV shows

We have been binge watching Winter Sun on Netflix and I started Wolf as well. I'm guessing a lot of shows are filmed, or supposed to be taking place in the Istanbul region. Personally I like the avoidance of gratuitous sex, though plenty of violence seems to be permissible. Is the limited sexual content due to self or government imposed censorship? Also, can anyone recommend a show that covers a lot of non-Istanbul Turkish geography?

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While not a tv show, check out "Once Upon a Time in Anatolia". The film definitely covers non-urban, non-Istanbul settings.

Yes, Turkish tv does seem to impose some rather funny types of censorship such as large "X" marks appearing in certain body areas that would be tame if shown on European tv channels. I think I even saw an "X" drawn over someone smoking, which was really bizarre, since a lot of Turks smoke.

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If anyone wants to watch Turkish tv shows AND practice your Spanish, check out Telemundo, and Univision has even gotten into the game. The Turkish shows fit in well with telenovelas.