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Recommended Books & Movies

What books and movies made your trip better?

Movies and recreational reading can make your sightseeing a lot more fun and meaningful. Which films and books carbonated your travel experience best?

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Books for Children
Grier 1
Books for day hikes-Italy
lesliebennett 5
Books for Normandy visit, history
June 7
Books for South England Villages Tour
Jane 10
books on Fez Morocco
barbaragolder16 4
Books on Seville or Madrid
bherrington47 1
Books read prior to RS Best of Ireland trip
lmshep51 3
Books set in Barcelona, Cannes/Nice, Pisa, Rome, or Switzerland
Kelly’d... 5
Books set in Greece
anniesweetiep... 3
Books set in Spain
Jesse 12
Books that influenced your travel addiction
Allan 21
Brief European History Book on CD
pamgreen11 2
British detective series?
Lola 58
British TV series—-not crime or detective
Lola 70
Skip 1
diveloonie... 5
Carbonate the Louvre with book by James Gardner, "The Many Lives of the World's Most...
avirosemail 12
Celebrating Women's History Month - English Style
steven 0
Check out these Scottish TV shows and film
Kathy H. 7
"Cinema Paradiso" - filmed in Sicily
broekerd 3
Civilizations on BBC/PBS
1885BD 2
Concise and readable British history books?
PerilsofP 7
Current New Yorker "The Invisible City Beneath Paris"
Kent 4
Daphne du Maurier's Cornwall
Jane 1
David Macauly - Cathedral, Castle, and more...
Jane 0
David 9
Documentary "The Silence of Others" opens this month in the US
avirosemail 6
Does Anyone Know When Rick Steves' New European Shows Filmed In The Summer Of 2015 Will...
deemom3 2
"Don Matteo" DVD availability in US
Kathy H. 7
Donna Leon does Venice
monty 11
Dorothy Dunnett!
Stewart&Vicki 9
EL Camino de Santiago
drsmerz 4
Endorsement of Agony and the Ecstasy
sue 4
Enjoying Turkish TV shows
rob in cal 2
European Christmas Instrumental music
jimbobby12378 3
European tv show streaming service has a Memorial day sale
rob in cal 5
Europe Through the Back Door 39th edition is out today
roubrat 10
Excellent series on MHz streaming service
Kathy H. 7
Fascinating article about the past and possible future of Milan
lnbsig 5
Fascinating book by Erika Fatland: The Border
Judy B 3
Footloose in Europe
selkie 2
foreign films
KC 12
For the Love of Prague
Al 1
Four Roads to Heaven
Donna 1
France - History and Art
Jane 18
French film alert
lnbsig 6
French literature in English - Albertine Bookstore
Amy 2
French TV Series: "The Bureau" (“Le Bureau des Legendes”)
dclawyer 0
German/English app
Laurel 7
German Film: Kästner and Little Tuesday
Dave 12