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At Eternity's Gate - Van Gogh film by an artist whose own work is at Orsay

Just now (finally) saw At Eternity's Gate--a film about Van Gogh whose director is a famous artist (Julian Schnabel) whose own art is currently being exhibited at the Orsay museum. This film has been out a couple of months but we just got around to seeing it at the local arts theatre.

The film was not intended to be another history about Van Gogh. It focuses on the period from the artist's arrival in Arles in early 1888 until his death in the summer of 1890 at Auvers-sur-Oise. It is apparently Schnabel's interpretation of how Van Gogh might have felt about nature and his depiction of nature in his art.

There's a NY Times review that was helpful to me in knowing what to expect of the film, and I was not disappointed. It was stimulating to see a different approach to interpreting Van Gogh's life, and especially to have it from Schnabel, who is an artist in his own right whose own art has been in a special exhibition at the Orsay from November until January 13.

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Bob, yes, I edited the original post to add my thoughts on the film, and thank you for asking.

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Thanks Kent for the head's up. I hadn't seen it anywhere around me but just noticed that it's 'coming soon' at my local art theater so I'm eagerly awaiting it. Trailer and reviews look really good.

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Thanks, Kent. I already had this in my Netflix queue, now looking forward to it all the more.