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Belle (2013 movie)

I recently watched Belle, a 2013 movie and British period drama set in the 18th century. I enjoyed the movie and I would recommend it.

The main character, Dido, is mixed race. Her father is an aristocratic British military officer while her mother is Black but she's raised by relatives. Dido grows up in an aristocratic family and is considered part of the aristocracy but also excluded from some aspects of it because of her mixed race and her illegitimate birth. Dido struggles to feel accepted and find her place in society. This is all set against the backdrop of an important legal case involving a slave trading ship and what responsibility, if any, the ship's owners and crew have for human life.

It's a very interesting story, especially given the current global situation around awareness of systemic racism and racial injustice.

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Thanks I’ll look for it - is it on Netflix or prime ?

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I borrowed it from my local library so I'm not sure if it's on Netflix or other streaming services

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Kenwood House on the edge of Hampstead Heath is worth a visit if you are ever in London. Dido Belle spent much of her life there. If I recall correctly from my visit, there's a copy of the (now) well-known painting of Dido and her cousin there, with the original at Scone Palace in Scotland.

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Saw it a few years ago. Interesting movie. Currently working my way through the "Color of Compromise" by Jemar Tisby which are available on Amazon prime for free. Learning a lot I didn't know.

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This got on my radar because the actress portraying Belle is currently part of the ensemble cast of the Apple Original series "The Morning Show"