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At Eternity's Gate

About Van Gogh. Just saw this. It's so sad, yet also joyful in its way.

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I saw the previews for that movie and planned to go see it when it comes here. It looked like it would be good and Willem Dafoe is good in anything.

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Good for you! We were recently in The Netherlands and saw about 280 of Van Gogh's paintings in the same trip, at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam (the largest collection) and at the Kroller-Muller Museum about an hour east of Amsterdam (the 2nd largest collection).

The Almond Blossoms painting at the Van Gogh Museum, when we read the story, well, I shed a tear or two right there, just thinking about this tormented artistic soul and the story of how he dedicated that painting to the birth of his nephew and then his nephew starts the Museum. Wow....

I'm eager to see the film, but here it went straight to an "arts theatre" in downtown, so we might wait until it shows up on Netflix or Amazon.