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Author Jan Morris passes away

I just started reading “Venice” a few days ago and was so sad to see this headline.

What an amazing and inspirational life she led. And 34 pages in to my first book of hers, I know I will be reading more — her language is just magical.

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Oh! I'm so sad to hear this. We've lost a lot of great people this year.
But what a full life Jan Morris had. Such courage and creativity.
Thanks for sharing or I might have missed it.

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Morris's work had been recommended to me on another thread in this Forum. I've not been able to find "Venice" yet, but I loved "Pleasures of a Tangled Life." What a life she lived! There was a definite "Forrest Gump" aspect to her, being there to witness many historic events firsthand. And what a gifted writer.

She will definitely be missed.

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A brilliant writer who will be dearly missed. I read “The World Of Venice.” It was published in England under the title “Venice.”

I am planning on ordering “Trieste And The Meaning Of Nowhere.” A wonderful mixture of cultures. Morris visited Trieste for more than half a century. We missed visiting Trieste in 2018 prior to our Venice/Adriatic Tour. It would have been a great addition to the history of the area. Hoping this will inspire a future visit.

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Morris was a gifted reporter and writer. Her distinction that qualifies for this travel forum is that she specialized in cities. She was the guide to urban, and urbane, travel. Her favourite city, at least three decades or so ago? St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador.