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Brief European History Book on CD

We are driving throughout western Europe for 5 weeks and would like a book on CD that gives a concise history of Europe and/or more specifically history of Rome/Roman Empire or of Medieval/Renaissance times in Europe. Something that is interesting enough to listen to for hours at a time but also historically accurate and informative. THANKS!

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I like the great courses, they have many history topics, including many on both ancient Rome and the middle ages, as well as some on architecture and art.

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Lynny is correct. Definitely check out The Great Courses, aka The Learning Company, The Teaching Company, etc. NOTE that every so many weeks they have sales and the prices are waaaaay lower!!! They say everything is on sale once or twice each year (can't remember which).

DO be prepared to become addicted to them, though ;-) Seriously. Your problem will be narrowing the selection down in the categories that you're interested in. I know, because those are very heavy areas of interest for us, too. There are soooo many courses to choose from in those topics of interest.

My husband and I always listen to these, and we seriously study them before our European trips. We even take them on our phones/tablets to watch/listen to on train rides, etc.

Even though you can choose the audio streaming or audio downloads, if offered I strongly suggest that if the course comes in a video streaming/download or DVD option, that you seriously consider buying that one. Nothing's more frustrating than listening to a lecture and really wishing that I could see that map or photo the professor is referring to :-( (If it's a course covering Impressionism artists, of course that course will only be available in a video option!)