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Books for Normandy visit, history

I am joining a RS tour this fall that visits Normandy. I have poor knowledge of the areas' history. I am scouting my local library out and ITunes U. Any recommendations are welcome. Thanks.

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Historic fictions are an entertaining way for me to learn about historical events. Bernard Conrwell's "Harlequin" ("The Archer's Tale" in the US) is set in the 14th Century in Brittany and Normandy, culminating with the Battle of Crécy. The Archer's Tale is the first of the Grail Quest series:

More about the Battle of Crécy:

In the summer of 1346 the English kicked the snot out of the French in
one of the most lopsided military victories of the Middle-Ages. It was
the first of the major stompings of the French by the English in what
is now known as the Hundred-Years War. At issue was who should rule
most, if not all, of France: Edward III of England or Phillip VI of

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Thanks so much for the recommendations.

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You could also read "Band of Brothers" or watch the mini-series.

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I heartily recommend these: "Six Armies in Normandy" J Keegan; 2. "Overlord" M. Hastings; 3. A. Beevor as suggested above, 4. "History of the Second World War" BH Liddell Hart (pertinent pages): 5. Patton and Rommel " D Showalter.

For the German side: 1. R Hargreaves (as suggested above); 2. "Decisive Battles of the Second World War: The German View" HA Jacobsen.

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The classic account of the D-Day invasion is The Longest Day by Cornelius Ryan. It is recounts the fateful hours that preceded and followed the massive invasion of Normandy.

Since you're from Alberta, try to visit Juno Beach if the tour goes there or go on your own. Juno was the site Canadian forces were assigned for the invasion: Try to visit as many of the sites on the D-Day beaches as you want. They're quite moving.

Have a great time. Cheers.