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on-line booking General Europe jean 11
Travel Adapters in Eastern Europe General Europe Myrna 4
prescription meds & vitamins Italy Pat 5
Need suggestions for arranging Ireland itinerary To the North Harriet 5
Venice to Rome by sleeper train Italy Donna 12
trip from Versailles to Paris Transportation Judith 3
Itinerary help and advice on route/trains Transportation Joanna 4
Reserved tickets... ask to take earlier train? Italy Rebecca 1
Barcelona and what else? To the West Melissa 4
PacSafe backpack with exomesh (anti-theft day pack) Italy Nanci 2
How is Prague? Would you recommend squeezing in a day there? To the East PeterLuv5Terre 7
Shorts for boys (not men) Italy Laurie 6
Spain itinerary help needed! To the West Tamra 3
Travel between Paris to Madrid or Alicante..Spain Transportation Liane 1
Handy website for university accommodation in the UK To the North Pete 0
Goteborg, Sweden To the North Katherine 0
How Long to see specific sites in Florence? Italy Lindsay 5
oversized baggage on French trains Transportation Ellen 5
How to buy plane/train tickets while still in USA Italy Claire 3
Fanny Pack: Leave at home? Hmm.. How else carry my hi-def video camera? General Europe PeterLuv5Terre 13
Sevilla, Tangier, Granada Help choosing the best travel routes car, bus etc To the West Marlene 2
Better Deals Using US Dollars? To the West Jim Morris 17
Madrid to Sevilla: overnight bus? Transportation Ethan 0
France as troublesome destination To the West Marshall 25
Does any city in Italy sponsor a street chalk festival? Italy PeterLuv5Terre 1
Florence- Santo Spirito? Italy Bethany 1
We leave Wednesday Italy Mark 1
train fron rome airport to civitevecchia Transportation juan 1
Accommodations in Cinque Terre in late August-September Italy Larry 4
Driving out of Toulouse Airport Transportation Mary 3
London Travelcard Question To the North Matt 2
Rules Of The Road for France. To the West Violet 13
B&Bs in Rome General Europe Rhona 7
HELP- need a rail pass Transportation Derek 2
Train from Paris to Luxembourg City Transportation Dawn 2
European Budget Airlines: Okay to book a week before or is that stupid? Transportation PeterLuv5Terre 4
Penzion and Sobe. And a 3-yr old. General Europe Dukkar 5
Using Time Wisely General Europe Julianne 15
Mt. Etna Italy Lori 2
HELP!! SNCF Tickets (TGV) bought using credit card that is now lost! Transportation V. 13 tours of Normandy battlefields? To the West Ron 4
Rick Steves's Rome 2009 vs. 2008 Italy PeterLuv5Terre 5
favorite neighborhood in Rome Italy Martine 7
Are AVE trains in Spain reliable? To the West Sally 4
Can wear open sandals into the Vatican? Nicer restaurants in Itlay? Italy PeterLuv5Terre 3
Men's sandal w/good support? vs. tennis shoes - Need general sandal advice General Europe PeterLuv5Terre 11
Euro Travelers checks Italy BJ 13
Not sure which way to go from Rome Italy Pam 2
Moselkern to Burg Eltz To the West Marianne 3
Tour guide for Tuscany Italy BJ 7