"Paris Story" presentation

Will be in Paris in April with 16 & 20 year old - anyone seen the "Paris Story" presentation? Would it set the stage for us before we do all our sightseeing?

Posted by Ed
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Since nobody else has answered:

A few years ago, we took a couple to Paris who had never been there. The night before we arrived I told them to read the history section of a tour book -- I think they did. Upon arrival, we took them to the steps in front of Sacre Couer and pointed out the major sights.

The next day we went by the joint with the Paris Story. They wanted to go in; we did not. They did; we did not. They said they wished they hadn't. They spent twenty euros or so which they wished they hadn't.

Posted by Terry
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We took our daughters once during spring break (2003) when they were 9 and 13. The place was completely chaotic with all kinds of out of control groups of foreign school kids. First, several of us missed the first part since our headphones wouldn't work. The staff took about 15 minutes to bring us working replacements. Then our daughters were endlessly harassed by the hilarious antics of the unsupervised boys who were behind them, repeatedly laughing, shouting and pulling their headphones off their heads, etc. The staff was completely apathetic and did nothing to control the school groups after we complained. We were offered no compensation for missing most of the presentation. It was poorly managed and a complete waste of time and money.

Posted by Gemma
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This place was fantastic. My family of four (kids aged 15 and 18 at that time plus my husband) visited Paris-Story while on a trip of Europe last year and I'm so glad that we did. My kids are not easily impressed but they just seemed to take a liking to this place. Because we were there for only a short time we wanted to get to see everything and had thought about a bus tour etc... but Paris-story saved us the time and money. They had a model of Paris which we used to highlight lots of different sights around Paris like the Eiffel tower, Champs elysees etc and it let us really get our bearings for our 2 remaining days (I wish we had of started there!). The show itself was in french but we were able to listen in English with headsets and it was just brilliant. I would recommend it to anyone when they visit Paris! I hope this answers your question, in any case have a great trip!