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Title Forum Author Replies Last Update
Eastern Coast? Italy Melissa 6
public transport on Christmas/New Year's Italy Dani 2
Tipping tour guides Italy Dani 11
Frankfurt Christmas Market - picture To the West Andreas 8
Slovenia back to Prague To the East Rita 2
Dublin Airport Green Caps left baggage. To the North John 1
New Years in Venice Italy Katie 2
airport location Transportation Marilyn 0
iphones in rome Italy Andre 9
Challerange To the West Elizabeth 2
Problems with Olympic Airlines? To the East Terry 4
myguideIreland General Europe Lynne 3
over the ocean blue Transportation Jonathan 20
Trenitalia Fare Comparisons Italy GAC 4
Christmas/New Year - Public Transport in London To the North Linda 0
Scavi Excavation Tour/Vatican Italy Stella 3
My husband finally said Italy Toni 12
Travel from Nice to Florence Transportation Chris 6
Things to do in Genoa? Italy Nichole 4
London and taking the ferry to Normandy To the North Tod 7
Prague & where else To the East Gail 12
Best 2 Week France trip for the first timer To the West collette 19
Raileurope vs buying on the go Transportation Conor 4
Athens Greece/Turkey To the East Tyniquo 4
Traveling Alone General Europe Mandy 22
Pompeii Now on Google Street Views Italy Frank II 0
Planning for the Next Trip General Europe Michael 27
Books on Sweden? To the North Nicole 7
USB for Windows CE only Italy Rob 2
Last Supper reservations?? Italy Chani 1
New Years in London To the North Jenny 1
Venice accommodations under 200 euros Italy Cindy 8
Help wanted to plan trip to Prague and ???? To the East Chani 8
Floods in Venice? Italy rajeev 2
Wait until arrival to find a hotel/B&B???? Transportation Matt 19
Hotel recommendation for Vienna To the West Tim 5
Recommended hotel in Sienna? Italy Tim 1
Gas Prices in Ireland Transportation Lynne 9
Augsburg Hotel To the West Monica 6
Good food close to Hotel Cromwell in London. To the North Linda 4
Weekend in Germany.... Berlin? To the West JMJ 7
Trip iternary - 5 days - Zurich to Milan in March To the West pepper 5
Hotel Reservations in Rome Italy WILLIAM 8
Last Minute Tours Italy Jip 3
Tuscany in early April? Italy Roshan 2
2 - 3 hours in Pompeii!? Italy Sheryl 5
Two services we used in Rome Transportation Lori 0
Travelling to Malta General Europe Sandy 7
Nearest Metro line General Europe Mme Eli 11
travel with 11 yo granddtr To the West Dorsey 5