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Share what happened on your trip with our travel community! Discuss your most memorable experiences from your recent European vacation. Join the conversation and learn from others' travels by asking these travelers about their trip.

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Physical training/working out for travel
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Beware of Expert Thieves!
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budget trip to Germany, Oct. 2017
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Disclosing Health Information to Travel Operator
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Best of Sicily February 12 Trip Report
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Italy, the trip that keeps on taking
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Spain: Clean Toilets, Affordable Lodging
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14 Days in the UK
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Trip Report: 54 Nights of Hostelling Through Western Europe at 69
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What makes a good trip report?
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Most Memorable 2018 Travel Experience
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Americans talking loudly.
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Travel Misadventures in Germany: THE ANGRY VERSION!!!!!!!!!
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France, Sept 2016
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Poland - What a Bargain!
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Wells Fargo debit cards
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Not Happy Rick!
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Belgium Trip Report
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Trip report: Family Vacation 7/17 to London, Cotswolds, Edinburgh
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Trip Report 9/25-10/26/19 Paris and a Road Scholar tour in Provence
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Trip Report content, what do you prefer to read?
Allan 51
Our combined Solo & Couple Vacation in France, Aug. 26 - Sept. 18
Jean 52
Most interesting cemeteries in Europe?
dan.westfall 54
Have you been following "When You Give a Girl a Trip to Europe" ? ~ Well- Here's my...
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Where were you when Armstrong walked on the moon?
horsewoofie 55
Postcards from Britain Received?
Susan 56
Trip Report: Scotland in 9 Days or We've never met a sticky toffee pudding we didn't like.
joncatmantim1 59
Gate 1 Travel - Horrible Escorted Tour Experience!!!
bambi50.dl 57
Confessions of a first time Cruiser (Europe river cruise)
DougMac 60
Does anyone besides me get last minute jitters before a big trip?
lisalu910 60
What happened to the Rick Steves' Tour evaluation/reports?
Laura 60
Metro ticket police
susan.m.roach 61
And...We are off to begin our European Musical Adventure!
advocatecare 63
Best memory from a 2016 Trip
tgreen 62
How to Feel Better When Things Go Wrong?
traveler1234 66
Why do people come here and ask----
Sasha 66
Judy, what happened?
Paul 68
The Best Advice
Paul 71
Blending In
BigMikeWestBy... 73
First Trip to Italy...not in Love
Patricia 78
If you're sick, please stay home!
Mettie 79
Italian Field Trips, Beach Days and Gritty City Vita
sen say 81
Why the Dutch speak American English well
curioustraveler 89
Claudia’s UK Adventures
Claudia 90
Pass the Story --- A cooperative DIY Trip Report
Lola 119
Travel related Pet Peeves
Barnstormer 136
Trip Report---Rick Steves Best of England in 14 Days
Rebecca 148