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Spring Break 2019

Is it too early to plan? Never! I need ideas for a family of 5 (3 teens). Our girls have been to the major Euro cities like London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, and Barcelona, but would like to go back in ‘19 and are committed to finding an affordable destination and helping us save for it. They have an early March break beginning around the 10th. Any suggestions for us? Weather isn’t necessarily an issue; we realize temps will be cooler than here in TX. Thank you!

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We went to Ireland in March for spring break. Yes, it was cold and sometimes damp but we loved the trip. Photos show us in sweaters and/or rain coats. Some sunny days too.

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We're doing Greece in March 2019. Weather averages look just fine for us - we don't like hot weather travel. Seems like we'll get a lot of weather in the 60s. Ferries are more limited but we were able to work a route out in the end - doing Naxos and a quick visit to Santorini. The rest of the time is a driving trip (not us driving), covering Napflio, Delphi, the monasteries and some other stuff. Price was very reasonable.

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If they are willing to revisit one of the major cities listed above, and weather is not a deciding factor, I would suggest going back to Berlin, Paris or London. In March you can expect it to be cold unless you happen to have a warm spell to enjoy.

What about Vienna? Twice I was over during the month of April, ie, once in Berlin and and this past trip in London...both places were cold.

How is never to early to plan, I'm doing exactly that on going back in the summer of 2019.

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How much time will you have? Spring breaks are usually pretty short, so I would nix Greece and Sicily, for either of which I'd want at least 2 weeks.

As a hater of chilly wet weather, I'd go with Andalucia. Totally different from Barcelona, and I think your warmest option in Europe.

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If you are up for a bit more challenging of a destination, my family (6 people) heartily enjoyed Istanbul. Much cheaper than Western Europe and countless things to see, do, explore, etc, especially if you are interested in history or art. Despite what you may read on the news it’s quite safe to go and all major attractions are walking distance from each other! We all loved it.

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Thank you everyone, for your kind and helpful replies. You have given us a great deal to consider. Happy Travels to all!