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Tips for buying tickets online for the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam

Thought we share some tips on how best to get tickets to the Anne Frank House which are available only online via their website.

Tickets go on sale exactly two months beforehand. For example, if you want to tour the House on April 10th, get tickets on Feb 10th. Advance tickets can sell out very quickly, especially the "museum visit+30 minute introductory program", so it's best to plan ahead. The ONLINE QUEUE for buying the tickets can be very long. Here are some tips on how to navigate it:

First, if you are buying tickets from the US, Canada or a foreign country, make sure your credit card is OK with charges made from a foreign country. In some cases, you may need to login or call your card issuer and tell them you will be traveling and charging things from the Netherlands/Europe. Don't get through the Anne Frank online ticket booking website and find out that your credit card gets rejected (and you may have to start over!)

Tickets go on sale starting at 9AM Amsterdam time (adjust to your local time), although we have found that time might be delayed by several minutes. The website is set up so if many people start to query it, it will establish a queue with a message "This website is currently overcrowded. In order to relieve the server, you have been queued. Do not close this page. The page will be refreshed automatically. There are still 143 people waiting before you..." Note that this queue is to get ON the website to query for available tickets. It is NOT a queue for actually buying the ticket for the day that you want.

This traffic queue creates a bit of a problem -- If you go to the ticket purchasing website too early, for example at 8:30AM, you may find there are already 500 people waiting in this queue. However, as the queue gets shorter, it might still be too early to be able to buy anything (remember, the April 10th tickets you want won't start selling until AFTER 9AM). So you may end up waiting for nothing, because when that wait list of 500 gets down to you, it may only be 8:48AM so now you'll have to give up, wait, possibly get kicked out by the server (see below), or start over at the back of the queue.

Timing is important -- you can try a strategy of opening multiple browsers (Firebox, Explorer, Chrome, SeaMonkey, Safari, etc) and in each browser, go to the ticketing website and launch multiple wait list in the queue. Try starting this at no later than 8:30-8:40am (20 to 30 minutes before ticket sale starts). In the different browsers, you might be number 298, 345, 481 and 515 waiting in this queue. When the queue drops down to your number, hopefully it will also coincide with when the tickets become available for sale at 9AM (+/- a few minutes).

Sometimes, when you get through the wait list queue, you might get the error msg, "Server Error in '/' Application. Object reference not set to an instance of an object..." In that case, try and hit the Back button on your browser and wait for the server to respond. If you're lucky, it will kick you into the ticket selection calendar page. Now you can select April 10th and see what tickets are available. If you are unlucky, it might kick you out completely and you'll have to start over (or abandon that browser and go with your next wait list browser.)

For our recent purchase of museum tour+intro program, 7 time slots were open and only 30 tickets were available for each time slot. All the tickets were gone in less than 15 minutes. Additional tickets are released later in the day and you can take your chances at randomly getting on the website. Tours without the 30-minute intro program are much easier to get.

Hope these tips help you buy the tickets you want to visit the Anne Frank House. Good luck & safe travels!

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Oh wow! This is incredibly useful information! Thank you so much, travel_bg, for taking the time to post such detailed instructions. I hope to return to Amsterdam next year and will save your instructions. Gratefully!

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The 9 am (Amsterdam time) on sale time is for day of tickets.
If you are buying 2 months in advance, they go on sale at noon Amsterdam Time (although it appears that they slowly open the time slots for the day over the course of 15-30 minutes or so. If you want tickets with the introductory program, it may take a while for them to show up on the web site.)
80% of the tickets are made available 2 months in advance, the remaining 20% go on sale day of.
Tickets must be purchased online.
Fortunately, if you are buying them day of, it is not necessary to print out the PDF, they can read the tickets off your phone.

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This is the same method for buying tix to all the very popular sites including Eiffel Tower, Doges Palce, super Economy Train Tix etc. Know when they go on sale and set your clock to get up at the appropriate time, test the website and make sure you know how to use it..

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I beg to differ. On the web site it specifically says noon 2 months ahead and 9 am day of. I bought my tickets this morning (0700 eastern, noon in Amsterdam).

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Do tickets go on sale 60 days or 2 months in advance?
For example, I would like tickets for July 20th. Two months is May 20th. But 60 days is May 21st.

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You are correct. It should read "two months in advance". Sorry for the confusion; I corrected the original post.
For July 20th, it will be on sale May 20th.

Although the ticketing website says "80% of tickets are released exactly two months in advance at noon", I was able to queue up and purchase my "tour+intro program" tickets at 9AM recently. They release small blocks of tickets at different times during the day, so perhaps it's best to try both 9AM and noon, and see what works.

If you just want the tour-only tickets, without the intro program, it should be easier to get.
Good luck.

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Thanks for all the info. I'm going to try to get tickets for June 18th.

I'm on the US Pacific Coast, which is 9 hours behind Amsterdam. So I need to be ready next Wednesday, April 17th at midnight to attempt to get Museum Plus tickets for 9:00am, June 18th (June 18th 9:00am, minus two months, minus 9 hrs). Correct?

I'm also still confused by the following statement on the website. "Please note: 80% of tickets are released exactly two months in advance at noon, 20% on the day itself. Every day at 9:00 am, the tickets for the day are made available on this site."

So you're saying you think they release some at 9:00am Amsterdam and then more at noon Amsterdam?

Very confusing on their website. It sounds like they mean the 80% advance tickets are available at noon two months in advance. Then the 20% remaining tickets are released at 9:00am on the day of entrance???

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gg96 -- Yes, you are correct: be ready at around 11:40pm on Wed Apr 17 to get into the ticket queue for your purchase after midnight (technically, it will then be the morning of Thur Apr 18). You can try the website a few days beforehand to get comfortable about how this process works.

From what I have seen, they release small blocks of tickets throughout the day. Some have speculated that these blocks are made available approximately hourly, but I cannot confirm that. Others have said they were able to purchase tickets at noon Amsterdam time (3am your time), so you can try your luck at that time too. I just know that for my own purchases, 9am worked well for me.

Up to 80% of these advance tickets are sold this way, two months ahead of time. 20% of remaining tickets are released at 9am the-day-of (which probably also explains why the 9am ticket-buying web traffic queue is so bad.)

This is probably as clear as mud, but hope it helps a little. Good luck!

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The Anne Frank House is definitely on most folks' "must see" list. We were happy to view it from the exterior. We did a Hop On-Hop Off canal cruise and enjoyed getting off there and just resting in the neighborhood, having coffee/pastry and imagining how the family survived as long as it did. A tragic tale.