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Visiting Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Does anyone have any ideas on how to combine these two countries and visting all high points

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All the high points of Liechtenstein? Hmm. As soon as Liechtenstein gets a "high point", would someone let me know. The Hilti factory maybe. Or do you mean like a mountain top.

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I agree with Sam, count Liechtenstein as a small obscure corner of Switzerland. If you are passing and have no better obscure corners of Switzerland to visit, then stop there. Otherwise don't bother.

As for Switzerland proper. How long have you got? A good guide book will list all the best tourist attractions and "high points".

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First, get a copy of Rick Steves Switzerland ASAP. This book also covers Lichtenstein (it only takes him a page and a half to do so). Other than his over-emphasis on Gimmelwald, this book will tell you everything you need to know for a great first visit.

If you want more specific help, you'll have to give us more specific questions. What are you looking for out of your trip? What kinds of things do you consider "high points?" Where are you coming from? How long to you have for the trip? Who is going (numbers and ages)?

And, even more important for Switzerland than some other places, what month is the trip?

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The only "high point" that I am aware of in Lichtenstein - and have visited once - is a fairly nice McDonalds restaurant. My memory is that the golden arches are quite small and unobtrusive on a small sign. I found it because of the GPS/SatNav in my car.

I saw no other "high points" there. I looked.

I was in the process of driving from Luzern to Innsbruck.

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Nigel- I had to laugh when I read your response. I have been to Lichtenstein 3 times and the only thing we did of any significance was to stop at the McDonalds.

OP Paulfk57: No one tried harder than I did to find something of interest in Lichtenstein. My father has always wanted to visit that country, since he read an interesting article about it years ago. It is somewhat of a tradition that when anyone in my family passes through, we stop and take a picture next to a sign that says Lichtenstein.

Switzerland, on the other hand, has many highlights. This last September, we traveled to the San Moritz area, Lauterbrunnen, Luzern, and the Appenzell with a day trip to the French side of the country. We also visited the Zermatt area on a previous visit. My 2 favorite areas were Lauterbrunnen and Appenzell. (although everything was wonderful.) My husband and I are very much into outdoor sports (hiking and biking) and these 2 areas are wonderful for outdoor activities.

If you can give us a little more information on what you enjoy doing on trips (museums, scenery, hiking,) and what you want to get out of this trip, I think we can be a little more helpful.

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We invaded Lichtenstein on our honeymoon, just to say we'd been there. There wasn't even a McDonald's in sight in those days, so you can imagine how bad it was. Go to Feldkirch instead.

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Liechtenstein is the country.

Lichtenstein is the castle south of Tuebingen

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We stayed in Lichtenstein on our very first night ever in Europe. Triesenberg to be exact. At that time it was called the Hotel Martha Buhler. The scenery was gorgeous right from our room. Stunning. After we left and traveled through Switzerland, we realized Liechtenstein was like a small part of Switzerland, but the scenery in the Bernerland Swiss alps blew us away. We stayed in Wenegen for four nights and never wanted to leave. The trip was early October many years ago.

We picked up a car at Zurich airport and drove to Liechtenstein. 2 days later we dropped the car in St. Moritz and used trains the rest of the trip.