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Technology Tips

Talk up technology used for travel here

European tourism now comes with a digital divide: those with high tech gadgets and those without. Discuss gadgets, mobile devices, apps, cameras, rotary phones, and more. Which tools are worth the trouble and actually enhance your travels?

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Printing ebook maps
patandlindamo... 2
French Language Learning Podcasts for Travelers
Alloro 2
Long term travel in EU, Sims or Global Plans
lynwes 9
using a windowsphone for ricks audio tours
royal1233 7
navigation in eastern European countries, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania
mvernon99 4
Your travel route and Google Android "location history"
rab 2
Travel Wifi
Colette 9
Charging Nikon Coolpix battery
Joel 10
Fitbit data on iPad?
Joel 7
'Good' international SIM card provider?
JuanM 5
Does Google Play Music "work" in Europe?
Denny 7
Creating a trip photo book
Ruth 33
cell phone
adrouin 5
RS Audio Europe - Android version - parts of script are missing?
funpig 3
Is Universal Adaptor Really Universal?
schneiderza 8
Power Strip
Frank II 8
Jitterbug phone from GreatCall
epltd 8
Rick's Audio Europe App/Audio Tours
Ruth 2
Safety and availability of Skype in Venice, Rome, and Florence
iPhone apps to make free international calls
richf7 4
Photography with the M4/3 systems
Barnstormer 10
My experience using T-Mobile's Simple Choice Plan in 6 European countries
Laura 19
Sony A 6000
teani 4
Change password in RS forums?
Barnstormer 6
Sony NEX 7 vs. RX100 III
Mike in VT 4
Marriott throws in the (wifi) towel
phred 10
Route Planning Software
Doug 6
Rick Steves guidebooks on Kindle Paperwhite?
Zurich2008 12
iPhone use in Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Austria
Mike2015 8
What do I need to take
psawyer8713 9
MUST have: Real time translation app for bilingual conversations and text. OFFLINE!!...
Guss 6
Airbnb stability
mschonekas 3
Technology for the dummy
mschonekas 4
File storage App
Diana 6
Cost to receive text to US phone while in Italy
ckester 12
How to back up photos if I don't take a laptop
Chris 21
Can anyone recommend a DSLR camera case?
Sarah 20
new google translate app update
Michael... 3
Phone suggestion
Frank II 6
And now, we might lose that wifi
phred 5
Help a non-techie on what to bring along?
Finally, more free wifi on the way
phred 7
Where to upload photos to share with buddies
Sue 7
Experience with Verizon Global Data and iPhone 5 in Europe
GraniteAmble 3
Unlocked phone with U.S. PAYG
Frank II 7
GPS unit for walking tours
Shari 5
WiFi v.s. Data Sim card?
Richard 16
iPhone in Italy
John 4
Advice for language apps
paulmdodson 5
Cell phones In Europe
Kay 2