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Data in Italy

Hi I will be in Italy for a month. Since I don't have ipad, I can't sign up T Mobile's data only post paid plan. I have to get the whole call/SMS/data for $60 a month or more.

I have an unlocked iPhone 5. Anyone know what service provider in Italy that I can purchase a sim card for data transmitting only? If not, do I have to get call/SMS together with data? If so, how much is reasonable? I call and text using Whisso and LINE.

Thanks for all the tips and help!

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Wind and Tim are the big ones, soon to be one. Vodafone is also there.

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I paid 30 euros for 5 gigs of data from Tim. Make sure you know the code to type in to get the menus in English. I am told it is this: If you text "LINGUA ING" to 40916 with a TIM sim card - the menus will subsequently be in English.

But, I did not have that information on my last visit to Italy. Fortunately, I speak a little Italian.

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Check out the company "3" (Tre in Italian). They offer some pretty good deals for pay-as-you-go SIMs. One offer they had in the UK was like £20 for 25GB of data that worked in UK, Italy, US and a few other countries. But it had to be activated in the UK, so I wasn't able to get one. But I saw a store in the Milan train station (too late for it to be of any value for our trip, unfortunately), and I'm sure there are others.

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You can get Three SIM cards from sellers on eBay. I did this for my kids phones on a recent trip and it worked great. Since the US is one of Three's "Feel At Home" countries, you can install it and test it in the US before you leave.

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I have an unlocked iphone 4 which I can take with me to Italy, France and Spain. If I purchase a SIM card and plan in Italy, how do I set up the plan in English. I do not speak Italian and I have read on other threads of people who purchased the SIM card and plan in a foreign country but then could not use it because they could not understand the instruction messages sent to their phone.

Thank you for any help.

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" If I purchase a SIM card and plan in Italy, how do I set up the plan in English."

At least with TIM, there is a way to set the voice mail prompts to English; make sure the staff in the store have done this before you leave.

You will still get texts in Italian, but most of these are for offers you won't be interested in ("Download music now for only €3!" types of things). When you check your balance, the text back will be in Italian, but these are easy to decipher.