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Turkcell doesn't work on iPhone 6

Beware - Turkcell SIM cards do not work in all iPhones but you can't get a refund if there is a problem. I just bought a Turkcell data, calling and international text plan for 100 Turkish lire in Istanbul. The SIM card will not send international texts, which makes it virtually useless to me. After spending two (!!) hours with a very bright and helpful young man at the large Turkcell store on Istikal Street, we were all convinced that the SIM card works in some iPhone 6 phones (my husband's and his) but it did not work in mine --- although my phone sends texts just fine from my Verizon SIM card. Turkcell refused to refund my money. Individual stores do not have the ability to make refunds -- and the customer service department refused to do so. They said they would try to fix it and would let me know. That was five days ago and I have not heard from them.

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Did you type the number in when using you Turkcell to text or use your phone book? You have to make sure number include the + and the country code for them to work. For example, if you're texting or calling (206) 555-1234, you need to have +12065551234 stored in your phone or it won't work with a non-US SIM.

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Absolutely - the technician tried everything! Apparently, this problem happens on some - but not all iPhone 6. They suggested I go to the Apple Store - but it is out of the cit center and would take hours than I want to spend. As I mentioned, the real issue to me is that they acknowledge there SIM doesn't provide the promised service in m y phone but they refuse to cancel the service and refund my money. They say they cannot refund for ANY reason.