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Can I create a post trip map using geo-tagged pictures

We have a camera that adds GPS locations to the pictures it takes and our iPhones do the same thing. Is there any app or program that will take a set of pictures (for example, all the pictures we took Monday morning in Madrid) and plot our movements on a google map? We'd like something that will work after the trip. Things that require doing something special when we come to an interesting place are hard to use for people who forget to do the right thing at the right time. :(

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I like the maps in the Photos App on your iPhone or a Mac. You can click/tap on the photos tab, navigate to the entire year view and click the location. It will show a map with thumbnails of each photo based on where it was taken. If you want to "save" that map, you can always screenshot it by holding the home button and clicking the sleep/wake button on your iPhone. On your Mac you can screen shot the map by using the keyboard shortcut Command+Shift+4 and drawling a box around the map.

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Thanks for the replies. They look pretty good. I'll see what happens after the trip. What I was hoping for was a thingy that would scan a whole folder of pictures and draw a time stamped route map of where we went each day. Normally, when we get someplace interesting we take a whole bunch of pictures, within a 100 yards or so of each other, and then move on to another interesting place. I was hoping the program would sort out the places and put some sort of little red X (or whatever) on a map. Sort of using the iPhone photo app to collect pictures by places and then mark them with a sequence number. I don't want a cluster of 25 pictures overlaid on each other (and I don't want to go through the picture folder and select just a few representative pictures.