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Best Mobile App to deal with foreign currency exchange while travelling

Any idea about mobile app for this? It could be android or iphone doesn't matter. For now i just found apps from and Happy for any other suggestion.

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Stick your card in the bancomat, get your Euros. It is the best price you will get.

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What do you mean by "deal with foreign currency exchange". As the previous psoter says, all your dealings will be though a cash machine (ATM). The machine charges your home bank (or card issuer) the same amount as you took out, in the same currency. Your card issuer or bank does the conversion. This may be done on later date (for example if you took the money out on a Sunday) and at a different rate to the one when you got the money out. You only get to see how much you are charged in your statement. You cannot exactly predict how much you will be charged.

If you just want to know what the current exchange rate is, you need to be online as the rate changes constantly. For example, go to google and type: EUR 100 = USD and it will tell you.

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The Oanda application works well. I also print the related Traveler's Cheatsheet for currencies not used frequently.

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If you're looking at converting prices into dollars to decide if something is a good deal, just use the calculator function on your phone with an approximate rate from the prior day -- rates don't usually change THAT much in a short period. Don't stress over the pennies.

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Yahoo Currency Converter lets you print out a neat little pocket guide if you need to refer to the exchange rates. It will fluctuate a bit but, as others have said, there's nothing to deal with (it's a fyi only).

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I also installed the XE app and it worked just fine for my needs.

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Don't obsess about this. Start thinking early in € or £ or whatever currency you will be using.

When I'm planning a trip, I switch the research resource I'm using to the local currency and use it to plan for costs or set limits for lodgings.

I use the Oanda Currency Converter on my Android phone to get the exchange rate for planning. Then I do the rough math in my head as needed.

As I do more research, I typically have to up my "budget" in the local currency when the actual costs of where I'm going bring me down to reality.

But I usually don't think much about what something costs in $ after the planning stage or when I'm in Europe. By then I've worked so much in the local currency, I'm thinking in it rather than in USD.

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Unless it is your job to do foreign exchange and you are working while traveling, don't worry about it.

The rate you get off Google is as close as possible to what your credit and debit card transactions will be charged to you (fees your bank or card company charges will be extra). You can think of a Euro as being equivalent to a US dollar to make things easy.

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I'm lazy, I assume a euro equals a dollar. It's not like it's negotiable.

Use the google.

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I like the XE app - when I need to get exchange rates. It's very easy to use, and fun to shake the phone to reset the top currency to 1.

However, most of the time I don't need it. I break the subject into three categories:

1) Things you don't need to know the price at all. For instance, does it matter if a local bus fare is equivalent to $0.25 or $3? You're going to pay it regardless.

2) Things where you need only an approximate price. Most things fall into this category. For instance, before going into a restaurant, you will want to know if the main courses are $10 or $50, but you probably don't care if they are $10 vs. $12. Here is where the approximate values mentioned in some threads above come in. For example, right now the €1 = $1.11. So, for estimating purposes, just use $1.10 (or even $1 if it's easier).

3) Things where you really need to know the price. The main items in this category are things you could buy in the US, and want to know if it's a deal to buy on your trip (for instance, if you see it at a flea market, or it's made locally and so could be cheaper). For these few items, you can use the calculator on your phone, the XE app, Google, etc. But again, there really are only a few things where such precision is needed.