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Trip Planning Calendar App

I usually plan my trips using individual month calendar pages. But I'm trying to cut down on paper.

Does anyone know of a basic calendar/planner app that shows full months and does not have to sync with my current Ipad calendar? It has to be easy to input and delete. Free is best. Thanks.

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Hi Frank:

I am using an app called DAY ONE - an Apple-device product. Mobile app is free, desktop app is $9.99

Technically this is a journal app - I am using it as a travel planner. It has basic word editor features, tags, attached photo (one), reminders, and location links to your map app and a nice interface, I am preparing for a trip for next April.

As I research aspects of my trip I create individual current-date entries using the current-date as the journal marker. As I sort out a complete package of information for a planned day or activity for this upcoming trip, I create a "journal" entry for the actual travel day (calendar) - what I need to know on a scheduled trip day. Then, I delete the current-date entries to avoid duplicate information. Totally paperless. Because you can create and use as many tags as you which (Spain, EU Trains, travel docs, etc), everything is searchable.

DAY ONE works both for Macs and iOS mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod). I usually do my in-depth planning using the computer but I can use/modify everything it while traveling with my iPhone. Everything syncs through the cloud (iCloud, DropBox or Day One servers). This allows me to make on-trip changes to may travel plan. It even has a reminder tool. There are other feature I have yet to explore