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Tap to pay with smartphone

Does Samsung pay (Apple pay, android pay) work with chip and pin readers on Europe?

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Not certain about Samsung specifically, but Apple Pay is in widespread use in the UK. Especially on the London underground/subway/tube/metro system where it can be instead of the Oyster Card. On the continent Apple Pay hasn't been launched yet as many merchants/banks are balking at Apple'$ high fees.

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Currently (US) Android Pay accounts only work in the US.

I did see contactless terminals in Ireland this Spring but I didn't test Google's assertion that Google Wallet/Android Pay wouldn't work there. You need NFC (contactless) capability, not a chip reader, for Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Samsung Pay works via regular magnetic stripe terminals by imitating the magnetic signature of a card being swiped though the slot, but I don't know enough about it otherwise to offer an opinion. Most European terminals can still process a US-style magnetic card.