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Share tips on packing light, travel gear, etc

Pack light. Share your creative tricks to fit your world into a small bag for a European trip. Or, since we all slip a goofy little extra in, which soothing, handy, or fun packing extravagances can you justify? If it is about packing for your big trip, discuss here.

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British Airways personal item: will Ravenna day bag pass?
amerilis 13
Packing Advice for Europe Newbies!
ampshetler 27
Appenzell Day Pack
Amy 9
Favorite Light-weight Cary-on for Lufthansa
Amy 12
Ladies-are you bringing razors?
amyjhansen1 9
Ladies rain jacket hoods
Ana Maria 15
Silly question - hairdryer recommendation :)
anamkranzlin 22
Cleaning A RS Convertible Carry-on
Andrea 8
What bag is Trish carrying?
Andrea 15
How to decant products with SPF? -and a tip
Andrea 19
Immigration/Customs While In Transit
Andrea 3
Denim, But Not Jeans
Andrea 12
small plastic leak-proof jars/bottles
Andrea 35
Compression Socks
Andrea 25
Packing Cashmere
Andrea 40
Opinions On This Money Belt
Andrea 47
Going to the "hard shell" side of the great luggage debate
Andre L. 13
Bugaboo Boxer Luggage System - any experiences and reviews?
Andre L. 5
Fanny pack with inner lining that does't disintegrate (too soon)
andymhancock 45
Avid photographers, what do you take?
Anita 35
Tom Bihn, Osprey, and Tortuga
Anita 45
Micronet travel towel from RS store
Ann 10
Really disappointed with RS classic back door bag
Anna 22
How to count...
Anne 7
Madrid in mid-January
Anne 8
Used suitcases and backpacks
Anne 6
Traveling with a CPAP
Anne 24
Website comparing airline carry-on dimensions
annemariefraley 7
Bringing Prescription Drugs into Italy
AnnieM 10
Rick Steves Travel Picnic Set (really TSA compliant?)
April 19
Raining in Italy - RAINBOOTS NECESSARY - what to bring...
April 19
Camera or no Camera..........?
April 19
Trolley for carry on
arcecifamily 6
Osprey Farpoint as a carry on?
arianatorlol 18
Which bag should I choose?
arianatorlol 6
RS rolling carry-on (suitcase) issues resolved?
Ashley 9
Ashley 8
E-bags tsl mother load convertable and Aer Lingus
atooz15 12
RS Civita Day Packs have exceeded my expectations
ava_rnathan 15
Does Civita Shoulder Bag hold an iPad Mini?
avirosemail 5
convertible carry-on strap conservation?
avirosemail 5
Fold-over method illustrated
avirosemail 12
Swiss Army Knife in your carry-on?
avirosemail 34
Pleased with her RS Civita
avirosemail 1
winter packing and the RS Convertible
avirosemail 6
CRJ-700 overhead bins -- the RS carryon doesn't fit
avirosemail 17
How do you clean your Civita bags?
avirosemail 12
securing cash / small items in your baggage -- more tips
avirosemail 17
Are my favorite travel khakis irreplaceable?
avirosemail 8
Do cross-body bags play well with Rick's convertible carryon?
avirosemail 12