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Shorts in Milan, Italy

My stepbrother's son was a model in Milan, Italy for Prada just a few days ago, and he was wearing shorts!
I know RS usually says that men look silly in shorts in that area. Maybe men can start to wear shorts there now, and pack lighter. A new fashion trend could be starting :) at least among the younger men...


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Those longer men's shorts that reach the knee are common everywhere.

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Wearing shorts in Milan is not 'new'.

I did so 8 yrs ago. Just zipped the legs on when going into a Church

"Silly" like beauty, is a subjective judgement of the beholder

If its 90+F I will take the risk of looking silly to feel more comfortable

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Why does this myth that men don't wear shorts in Europe keep going and where did it come from?

Yes, men wear shorts in Europe including Italy and most certainly in Milan, why wouldn't they? The current trend is for shorts to be above the knee or even higher and typically of linen or chino type and this is pretty much the trend across Western Europe. What you won't see are those horrid zip off cargo shorts/trousers that are worn exclusively by tourists/outdoor enthusiasts.

You won't see many of the older generation wearing shorts but that's not something confined to Europe.

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I have pictures I took of men wearing shorts in the Austrian Kleinwalsertal and at Herrenchiemsee.