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Broken Handle on Carry on

The adjustable handle on my favorite carry on broke. Please advise how or where I can get it fixed. Thank you

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It would help us to know the manufacturer, where you are, and if it is still under warranty.

Are you talking about the telescoping handle?⁶

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It’s the Rolling Carry-on, we are now back home after spending 3 months in Greece (it’s home). It broke during transfer at CDG airport, it tipped over because I had my loaded tote bag on it. I’d like to see about repairing it if possible.


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If it is an RS bag, purchased thru RS, reach out to the office.

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Absolutely, contact the RS office preferably with photos. They stand by their products.

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Agree with suggestions above to contact the RS office. But you might want to just get it repaired on your own. Don't know your location, but most large metropolitan areas have luggage repair shops that encounter this type thing fairly often.

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Just in case you don't realize this you are actually just communicating with people like yourself on here. It looks like you think this might be a direct contact with the Rick Steve's staff but it's unlikely they will see this and respond. Here's the email for questions on merchandise which might be useful [email protected]

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Last year the telescoping handle on my Rolling Carryon quit retracting. It was 6 years old but not used much. I emailed RS asking where to get parts. They replaced the suitcase instead. Very happy!

I just read your update. If the handle broke because it fell over from being top heavy with a tote, that may be a different issue, not defective product. But I think you should email RS and ask.

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Sorry, but I have to agree with Horsewoofie. You shouldn't expect them to replace it. It didn't break because of a defect, it broke because you mistreated it. It's a handle, not a holder for extra luggage. It's made to retract so it won't get damaged.

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The OP didn't indicate that their bag was an RS product. Ideally the OP can take advantage of warranty repair and if not the next best option would be a local or regional luggage repair company such as one of these as an example --

The price of repair maybe such that its more economic to just replace it.

it broke because you mistreated it. It's a handle, not a holder for extra luggage.

I'd tend to disagree. When luggage designers and manufacturers make bags and bag sets with pass through handles, with the intent to stack a bag on the roller bag and retracting handle, well, it is a holder for extra luggage.

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If you are looking for a luggage repair shop also include shoe repair shops in your search.

Many years ago I had a relatively new bag have the entire wheel assembly destroyed by the airline.

Took it to a shoe repair shop who was skeptical about being able to repair it, but they did. Good as new!

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Google telescoping handle repair (youtube). I fixed mine that way, just taking it apart nd some minor adjustments. luggage is an EASY fix, pliers a srewdriver and an Ipad!