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Easy jet carry on recommendation

My husband and three daughters are going to Europe for Christmas. We are taking a easy jet flight from Venice to Paris. Our goal is to "go light" and don't really have any suitcases that fit carry on requirements. This means I need to buy 5 suitcases for the trip. Any low cost intl carry on suitcases you would recommend?

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I've noticed on recent European trips that many experienced travelers are using TravelPro luggage, and it's available for good prices on
My wife recently bought me a TravelPro 21" carry on bag with the swivel wheels, and it did a great job on a recent trip to Scandinavia. And at just over 6 lbs., it's a weight I'd suggest to anyone.
When EasyJet says 1 piece of luggage, they mean 1 piece. No handbags or back packs are allowed to those carrying on their luggage.

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Pay close attention to their ONE bag in the cabin rule and these measurements. Weed out things from your normal purses and day bags so they'll fit in the one piece of luggage pp. If you normally have a chunky large leather handbag look around for a slim cross body one while you are shopping for your new luggage.

About luggage recommendations; buy something light, total measurements including wheels and handle (or backpack w/o wheels) not to exceed easyJet allowance. Look at stores that sell remainder stock in your area such as Ross, tjmaxx, marshals, and tuesdaymorning for example.

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why not just pay for hold luggage, probably much the same as the cost of new luggage.I use Easyjet all the time (have flights to Prague on Friday).Edinburgh to Prague was £30 return for 20kg on that route ,Paris to Venice will be about the same.the weight limit for carry on is unrestricted as long as you can lift it into the overhead bins but if the flight is busy you may still have to gate check it free of charge and I have seen this happen.
I cannot over emphasise the ONE BAG rule, there are no exceptions, no personal item , no purse, no camera bag etc.You will however be allowed a bag from the airside shop.

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Surely the cost of buying all that luggage is more than the cost of putting a bag in the hold. It is cheaper to add your hold luggage to your existing reservation before arrival at the airport than after you arrive.

I do it all the time. It is easy, and Easyjet bag drop is easy.

If you are buying new luggage anyway - have at it. If you are buying new luggage to save on one flight it is likely wasted money.

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Especially in the case of EasyJet, and a few other low-cost carriers, the actual measurements are KEY!

I have been shopping online for a new carry-on bag myself (I had relied on my old RS wheeled bag that is now seriously oversized...).

DO NOT TRUST or accept at face value that a carry-on bag advertised as meeting 'international carry-on size' restrictions does. Most don't - still coming at too high a linear inch count. Be wary of manufacturer or website claims and do the math yourself, for each bag that you may be considering.

Since there are several of you traveling together, you may want to consider sharing one or two larger bags that you would put in the hold, in addition to your carry-ons. That would eliminate the pressure to buy all new bags - the daughters could use bookbags that they could already have, for example. It would also make it easier to pack liquids and for bringing back the inevitable souvenirs. At 20kg per checked bag, checking just one or two could just do the trick.

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Also note that the 4-wheeled "swivel" bags tend to have less capacity than traditional two-wheeled rollers.

I also agree with the others - if you generally like the luggage you have, don't waste money buying all new just to save a little money on airline tickets.

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I agree with the others. It shouldn't be too expensive to pay for a couple of items of "hold luggage". easyJet is my preferred budget airline in Europe and I travel with them at least once every year, and checking a bag has never been a problem. However, a few points to note.....

  • as Nigel mentioned, it's cheaper to pay for hold luggage at the time of booking, rather than at the gate.
  • be very careful with weight of hold luggage. It's less expensive to pay for the next weight tier at the time of booking, rather than at the airport.
  • there are no check-in agents at the airports, so be sure to print your boarding passes at home.
  • as mentioned previously, they have a strict ONE carry-on bag per passenger limit (of the approved size). However those who pay for the optional speedy boarding or other "perks" are allowed an extra personal item (I always pay for the extras and it makes the experience a lot more comfortable).

If you think you'll get lots of use out of new carry-on bags in the coming years, then buying new "carry-on approved" luggage would be prudent as you'll get lots of use out of them. You may get some good ideas by having a look at the One Bag, One World website. You could also have a look at luggage products from Tom Bihn (they take great pride in their carry-on size products) or the Rick Steves products. If you'd prefer wheeled luggage, the OBOW website mentioned above has lots of good reviews of various products.