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BEST travel neck wallet

Hi All,

In four weeks we will be in Europe. We are going to be on planes and trains for three weeks and would like to know what your recommendations are on "travel neck wallets," that have worked for you.

Thank you!

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I own both a neck wallet and a hideaway belt from Travelon, available on Amazon. Both lightweight and comfortable and at a good price.

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The very best neck wallets are made of silk, the never scratch, and because they stay cool you wear them, nothing makes you more careless and apt to “just tuck it in my purse this once” than an uncomfortable thing around your neck, for my husband it’s the one arm through to shift to one side, works great, for me as most tops for women are wider necked to keep the neck string hidden I shorten it up and loop it around the center of bra, it hangs down undetected and secure. The material it’s made out of is key to comfort, silk is best.

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I bought the RS Silk neck wallet for last year’s failed trip but made a couple alterations. I took off the plastic size adjuster (whatever it’s called) because it did into my skin and just tied a knot low on the strap to shorten it. The back pocket doesn’t have a zipper to close it which doesn’t make sense. I added Velcro so my money would be secure. I wore it in Hawaii’s tourist areas (no purses allowed at Pearl Harbor) and it was comfortable.