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Bugaboo Boxer Luggage System - any experiences and reviews?

Has anyone here got a hold and used the Bugaboo Boxer Luggage System ? They propose a 'system' of interchangeable parts, supercompact, that allows for pushing of luggage. They are the same manufacturers of the acclaimed namesake 'all-terrain' pram, and say they use similar wheels that would supposedly navigate well uneven surfaces.

I'm not jumping to buy anyone (they cost $1000-1600 depending on how much accessories and parts you tackle in), I am just wondering about first-hand experiences of people using it.

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Hmmm. Looks very heavy to me. Hard-sided. Wheels. Costs as much as a business class ticket to London.

Strike three, you're out (OK, that's four strikes, you're still out).

If you really want to push your heavy, wheeled, hard-sided luggage cross-country over rough, uneven terrain, who am I to judge.
Not for me.

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It looks like if you can go to Amsterdam between 1-22 March you can try it out for yourself at De Bijenkorf.

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Looks to me like a solution looking for a problem to solve. At the weight and price, I don't ever expect it to catch on.

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Ya, but like the wheel set up. I have often wondered why you could not have folding wheels on a rolling bag. We have a two wheel cart that we some times have to take with us. The wheels fold very easily and solve the problem of wheels taking up room in a sizing box.

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It will have its niche market. Probably not those traveling with the cheapest ticket possible.

By the way, a good locking telescoping handle should allow you to push your carry on.