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Ladies-are you bringing razors?

I haven't been Eurailing for 12 years and I forgot if or how I brought my leg razor in my backpack. Since its going to be carried-on luggage, am I out of luck? Can I buy one in a Droggerie/drug store?
Thanks ladies!

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Yes, I bring a disposable one, and in my carry-on.

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Disposable razors are no problem for TSA security. Have one in my bag that I took on trip last weekend to San Diego and a few weeks before to Las Vegas. Have always carried one or more.

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I take disposables in my carry-on too. And yes, you can buy razors (disposable or not) in Europe.

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Disposables and the fancier ones that take cartridges are no problem at all. They don't have real "razor blades" that could be used in a bad way.

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I always take my real Lady Gilette with the razor already in it and a cartridge full of new unused razors to Italy. This time they were in my RS carry-on, inside my RS red bathroom tote, in one of the side net zippers. No problem.

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I purchased 2 of these, one for me, one for husband- so we did not need to worry about adaptors, razors, shaving gel, etc. I figured trying to shave my legs in those often very tiny showers would not be easy!
They worked fine- husband says it was just as good as his "regular" electric razor, worked just fine for me. Very small/lightweight. I'll just keep them in our travel gear from now on.

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TSA took my toothpaste last year but not my razor. Go figure! I suppose it depends on the TSA agent you get that day but I haven't yet had razors confiscated. If it does get taken away, you can either get one once you go through security in one of the airport shops or wait until you get to Europe where it will be much cheaper.

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I take long trips so I usually buy a pack of disposables at the first grocery store stop in Europe. Also multi-packs of kleenex.

For shorter trips I pack a couple of disposables, never has been a problem.