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Samantha Brown Luggage... Has Anyone Purchased It?

I've watched several videos from HSN (home shopping network) where she promotes her luggage. A friend had one of her suitcases and loved it. Can anyone else comment on quality? Ease of use?

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Which bag were you looking at?

I had looked at some of hers on the HSN website a few months ago and noticed there were lots of BIG suitcases. The smaller underseat one seemed pretty heavy. In just looking quickly I see a 15x8.5x13/5 but it weighs a little over 6# which is more than I want a piece to start out weighing!

Rick's 20" roller is bigger but weighs about the same.

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I have purchased her luggage. I have two carry on sizes and I love them! I have not purchased a check sized because they are so pretty that I am afraid the airlines will ruin them. It is truly amazing how much you can get in them. Don't know if this helps you but I love the luggage. I feel that the quality is good and ease of use is good. Rolls nice and zippers work great.

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I think her luggage looks good and borders on flashy. If I am going to try to blend in on a train in Europe I am thinking there would be a problem.

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Does Samantha still have her travel show? I used to love watching her. She seemed to lean towards alcoholism but I bet she- and her luggage- would be fun to travel with.

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Personally, I would not trust anything on the Hysterical Shopping Network. I don't think their objective is to sell products that provide a quality product to the customer.

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If you go on the HSN website and type in Samantha Brown luggage all her available pieces are there, with videos from when she was on the HSN show, describing them. I think I've watched every single one at least 3 times, trying to decide.

I was looking in particular at the 21" carryon 'classic collection' in the croco pattern (lots of colors to choose from) and the matching 'doctor' bag. Also interested in the 'underseater' bag that matches. The colors are also available in the larger 25" and 28" bags that I might consider, should I like the smaller set. But.... then.. she has the lightweight croco print line too. So much to choose from!

I've hesitated getting spinner luggage when I travel to Europe, which I do once a year (I can't imagine spinners would work on cobblestoned streets or the wheels would break off). But when I travel domestically I like to travel lighter and not have to check luggage. I'm thinking SB pieces would work great.

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I have looked at it and it seems too heavy. As for how much you can pack into it, I would pack an envelope for travel if I could - the capacity to haul more stuff makes me cringe (been there, done that, strained a shoulder).

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I've never even seen her luggage until I searched after reading this thread. It's really nice looking and, unlike Lee, I see nothing wrong with buying on HSN, same products as brick & mortar stores or Amazon. But after checking the specs I don't think I'd ever buy or use it. 1. Looks like all her wheeled bags are spinners - No for me. 2. The smaller carry on size bags weigh too much, even the 'lightweight' set and even the satchels - No for me. For me weight and construction (particularly the wheels on wheeled bags) are much more important than 'pretty'.

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A friend has it... I didn't like it. The quality seems good, but it's too heavy and the "features" don't do it for me. It also did scuff up badly when checked.

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I have read reviews and the quality seems to be lacking. In other words, looks great - but does not function well. Also, some people received poor service from HSN when they had problems with the luggage. I will take a pass on Samantha Brown luggage and stick with a solid brand with good customer service. I am a fan of Samantha Brown. She seems to have disappeared from television. I know she has twins now.